Stone Broken (English)

This time I present to you the English band Stone Broken. They come from the West Midlands, which is a region known for their music and musicians.  Bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, UB40, ELO and Duran Duran are from this region.


The band is still fairly new, and for the first time at Graspop. They occur on Saturday the 23rd.

As mentioned, the band is still relatively young, founded in 2013. After more than a year, an EP was released in 2014 showing 5 different numbers. But especially the video of the song “Let Me Go” brings the band the necessary publicity.


The band gets more name when they are announced  as 2nd best new band at the Planet Rock Awards.

The band consists of the following four members:

Curis Davis: guitar and background vocals

Rich Moss: vocals and guitar

Robyn Haycock: drums and backing vocals

Kieron Conroy: bass and backing vocal


In January 2016 the band released its first album, All in Time “. The album contains five songs from the previously released EP and about 5 new songs. On March 2 of this year, the second album of this band, “Is not always easy” will be released. To promote this album the band goes in the coming months on tour in the UK and some countries in continental Europe. On March 9, the band is performing in the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Is this a band you can expect on a festival as Graspop. It is not for me to decide that, of course. I listened to the album and say it’s difficult to say that this band  is a real metal band. I’d rather call it a real rock band. The album has some solid rock songs but songs like “Be there,” Wait for You “and” Another Day ” are real rock ballads in my eyes. But their music  will surely be in place. Between all the metal violence would this maybe a great moment of rest. But maybe soon the new album will prove otherwise

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