Dream Ocean (English)

This  band was initially established in Turkey by guitarist OZ Khan and singer  Basak Ylva Ceber. The mezzo soprano born in Istanbul is also active in the opera, music  theater and  does give singing lessons.

In the early years the band was only active in Turkey and also has a full Turkish occupation. In 2009 this resulted in a first release titled “missing”. It runs fine at that time and at that time the band released two singles , “Uyan” and “Divine Light”. The band plays in clubs and at festivals

Over time, the band moved to Germany, and also changes the composition. Founders of the band Basak Ylva and Oz Khan remain in the band. The band will record new songs again. The music is perhaps best described as a power metal but only in combination with certain opera elements together anyway modern compositions which  gives the band their own sound. A variety of wild guitar solos and a powerful voice alternate with symphonic moments of rest.


The bandmembers are:

Basak Ylva – Vocals

Oz Khan – Guitars

Borna Matosic – Guitars

Sebastian Heuckmann – Bass Guitars

Sebastian Plück – Keyboards

Nils Kessen – Drums



In 2015 the band started the recordings of the new album with the catchy title “Lost Love Symphony”. Because of the moving to Germany, Basak Ylva went there, is the album ready at the  end of 2017. With the recordlabel they decide to release the album in februari 2018.  That much attention to the album is given  will be clear when you know that  Mark Jansen (Epica Mayan) and Jake E (ex Amarathe, Cyhra) cooperated.

The album comes out on February 22 this year. But, as usual nowadays there are two tracks alreadyreleased.  In October 2017  “Beyond the Greed” and earlier this year the track “Forever” where available.

Who wants to see the band live and hear can go to Dynamo in Eindhoven on February 22. The band is playing that evening with Manzana, Edenbridge and Amberian Dawn. A top fixture for anyone who loves this music.


If you want to establish order the CD can do so through: http://www.fmls.biz/product-category/artist/dream-ocean

Tickets for the performance: http://www.jbmevents.com/tickets

About the band : https://www.facebook.com/dreamoceanband


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