Video Shoot ForEvigt Volbeat (english)

ForEvigt Volbeat invites you to attend a video shoot. This will take place on Sunday, January 21 in the Tavenu in Waalwijk. So the message came to me a while ago. And not just with me but with all the fans. When I told them  at home theu were  very enthusiastic. I because I could act again to this band, and the rest of the family that I wouldn’t  be home that Sunday afternoon. still seems to give some rest at home.

The time was ideal, from 14.30 – 17.30 hours. And in Waalwijk, top, a short 25 minute drive. But when I think about what was there were still some doubts. It was to record a video. Not a normal concert. So yeah … .difficult choice. But if I had promised  the family I should just go
At 14.15 am at the beautiful Hall Tavenu. I’m going to write anything about it. I have already done in a previous report and what I wrote then still applies. A nice and cozy location with excellent and very friendly staff

But at 14.15 I’m at the Tavenu. And with me a few fans. And yes … ..we face a closed door. That is a good start. We may or may not in there. As we think there is no promotional video is only a recording of the program “Behind closed doors”. Makes us actually even out but we’re pretty well off. I hear too quickly sounds like “we do not know us anymore.” “Star attitude”, and other such terms. But I can not believe it. I know the men and women that are really not their boots. Not really
And then suddenly stops a big black car. And out of that car gets drummer Andy. After a quick hand I suddenly see that he runs in shorts and quickly go inside (the back entrance). I worry. The drummer is only now and is rushed. And in shorts. The point is called to it inside. And a moment later through the back entrance singer Michael got out. Stepping into his car and drives away.

What would be wrong. Cool dude, I can finally write something that does matter. But otherwise nothing happens. Until 14:30 finally the door opens. I fly in to take a look. But see nothing strange. Just  shaking hands with tmen. And so start to fulfill my promise that I had with my buddy. But in the meantime I’ll stay tracking. And make even meet some fans and also the cameraman for this afternoon.

But otherwise nothing special. After about half an hour the band goes on stage. It is explained to us as an audience what they will do and what is expected of us. Should we still cooperate damn well. But come, it’s for a good cause.

Then it turns out that the day before they also had been recotding. But without an audience. But with flamethrowers and so on stage. And we have to do now. But fortunately we have such warm personalities that we do not need it.

The show is about to begin. And we do terribly well our best. Exactly what they ask of us. But on stage …… a set list can be useful. Anyone know what song is coming. Is especially useful for the drummer. Andy has today more sense than usual. And sometimes that gives still some “noise” on stage. But fortunately they  can just start over. And now you can also mount much so the video will not notice. But the boys make a nice show. Yes nice but we stand there to do our best. Because we want to be honest quite a movie career, so we are really serious. And we find everything nice. When singer Michael asked (repeatedly) if we have it our way, we call resounding YES. All for the video because we didm’t hav e o good time (hahahahahahaha …….). they even played  a little Rammstein … ..pfffffff …… For Evigt Volbeat

And the cameraman keeps filming. A big applause for  the man. The whole time on the podium, risking his life. Really super well done. Beautiful it is when the last number indicates the band after the show to drink a beer with them . And look that’s ForEvigt Volbeat. Always, but always with the public
And of course this is written with a wink. Look I know what happened prior to the show when it was a coming and going of band members. Margret joined the crew member and .. yes … you just have to recover from that news.. But super Margret that you’re going to do this. I think (am sure) that you fits perfectly in this company. Good luck sweet lady!

Band members and crew, I hope it is a good promo. And see it as another step in your way to the top. A road runs fine and I again see improvements every time. Not so much in the music alone. But the also in the  work on the stage. It is becoming more relaxed, it is fun to watch. Great  mutual interaction between you and towards the public.

Keep up the good work guys and I have no idea where it will go once. Do have a desire and I also asked to Mariëlla . But this time I omitted here. I will later still wanted to talk about it with you. Enjoy the success, enjoy each other and enjoy with your fans what makes us all into one family. The feeling Volbeat, Volbeat the family.

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