Manzana (english)

Little surfing on the net

 Sometimes you just get lucky.  Everyone knows I’m often looking for music and bands that are here not as yet  well known. So there was last year  Battle Beast, a great band with dito music and a really cool new album, “Bringer of Pain”. And I was also fortunate to see them live at Graspop. Some time ago I was told that the bands Amberian Dawn and Edenbridge would come to Eindhoven. These bands were still on my list and I wanted to know with bands would come along. And yes, for me two unknown bands were on the poster. They were DreamOcean (see website) and the Finnish band Manzana

foto: Rami Marjamaki


Manzana  was for me  an unknown band,  so what you gonna do, just you search them on the web. Luckily there was sufficient material on YouTube to get an idea of ​​this band. And as the first clip I had to look good. Singer Pritta Lumous made me think of Noora Louhimo. Actually, not so much regarding her voice but with regard to its “performance”.

So once again I continued to investigate. The Manzana band is from Finland. Yes, another band from Finland. The talent is there apparently everywhere around.

foto: website manzana


The band was formed in 2003 by singer  Pritta Lumous cand guitarist Henri Virsell. The music is a bit difficult to describe in one particular style. It is a combination of rock ‘n’ roll, and industrial metal and punk. And perhaps it would not even quite well defined. When you listen to the albums you really hear all kinds of different styles. And that is perhaps the strength of this band. The band has a decent track record as it is called. Many concerts and festivals they  have played at. Striking a 2-many tours throughout China, May 2016 and October 2017. Furthermore, some songs have a little oriental sound


The band

 The band contains (2018) the following members:

Pritta Lumous – vocals

 Henri Virsell – guitar

 Johannes Tolonen – bass

  Matti Auerkallio – guitar

 Toni Ylonen  – drums

Incidentally singer Pritta Lumous also active as a writer and theater.



The band has so far a 4 albums marketed. The titles give a good idea of ​​how the music of this band can be described.

Nothing as whole as a broken heart (2007)

Babies and revolution (2008)

Industrial hippies (2010)

Toy Machine (2013)

Who would like to see the band at work live can go to Dynamo in Eindhoven on  17 February.

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