Follow the Cipher (english)


The band from Sweden Follow the Cipher plays for the first time at Graspop. They play on Thursday, June 21 at the festival.

foto: Carolyn Florens


The band is still relatively young, founded in 2014. The band is actually created by accident. Guitarist Ken Kangstrom trump did  mostly studio work and wrote music for the band Sabaton. He started some for himself and what was actually intended as a one-off project and eventually became the band Follow the Cipher.

foto: YouTube


But also singer Linda Toni  Grahn played an important rolein this proces. She already had some experience in another band. Together with Ken she took the project and it soon became clear  that it was going to be more than a ones in a time band. A band was formed and this was the result, Follow the Cipher.


The band plays pure power metal but definitely has a very recognizable sound.

The band consists of the following members :

Linda Toni Grahn: vocals

Ken Kangstrom: guitar

Karl Lofgren: drums

Viktor Carlsson: guitar, vocals

Jonas Asplind: bass


The friendship  with Sabaton has remained all over the years. They were on Sabaton Open Air and even played  a number of this band.

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