Arch Enemy at 013 Tilburg (English)

Third January storm rages through Tilburg, Arch Enemy at 013

For the third time Tilburg was ravaged in a month by a real winter storm. The cause was Arch Enemy that with almost hurricane strength,  on Sunday January 28th, goes through 013 and swept in its wake Jinjer, Tribulation and Wintersun  along. Artiesten Nieuws was present and withstood the storm


Waiting and find a nice place to watch the concert

The concert is just after 18:00. A little bit early but with a busy schedule, four bands, this is necessary. But fortunately it is Sunday so it should not be a problem. So I went on time to Tilburg.

The visitors are waiting in long queue in the street. It soon becomes apparent why it is so early busy. Many people come in specifically for Jinjer. And they are the first on the program. But one need not to bother. When the doors are opened it goes very fast. Nice and quick scanning . But once inside it is in 013 you always a mess. Cloakroom and lockers are diametrically opposite the direction of the entrance hall. So always opposing currents. But it’s also always nice and cozy so no problem.

Where to go is always a  difficult choice. The room is fine but with this band I do not feel in a pit and / or beer shower. The stand at the back of the room is already quite full so choose to go to the balcony. And behold, there is still room in the front and also in the middle. Ideal!


New generation of metal fans

Because there is still time before Jinjer will start I first will have a chat. And you can do that with your neighbors. And that’s the fun of this kind of concerts, everyone comes with the same goal, so a topic of conversation is quickly found. Sitting next to me, a mother and her 13 year old daughter. The daughter is a fan and occurs mainly Jinjer and Arch Enemy. Often do you think mom is with her because the daughter is still very young. And that is true, but in this case it is also a fan.  She often went to concerts in the past and picks up  concerts again because the daughters have the same passion. And this daughter then even for metal. And as she said  “all kinds of metal”. And it does well. Two generations who visit these concerts together. And so this music has also been embraced by the younger generation. A lovely start to a hopefully beautiful evening.



And then there’s also music. The first band of the evening is Jinjer. This from the Ukraine based band may open the evening. And believe me, it could be much worse.

The room is immediately awake when frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk enters the stage. Clad in a tight leather suit she immediately steals the show (and hearts) of the audience. But the opening track, Captain Clock, is the perfect opportunity to show what she is capable of. Tatiana uses the entire stage and moves like a contortionist between her other band members and by using the entire stage.  This contrasts with the other band members. Which seem riveted to stand on the podium. But perhaps a conscious decision might be to let her have all the attention. But they are fine musicians and Jinjer makes good music.

Foto William van der Voort Cloackture Photography


Singer Tatiana Shmailyuk is a true craftswoman. Besides her performance on stage she has a beautiful voice. The changes of grunt to melodic runs time and again spotless. What a wonderful experience is this. Certainly the final song, Who’s gonna be the one, is really a beauty.

The public  clearly marks  to come for this band to Tilburg. There is a real spirit and a lot of interaction between band and audience. The only downside is, and so many think the same, is that this performance is already over after half an hour.

(Setlist: Captain Clock, Sit stay rollover, I Speak Astronomy, Just another, Pisces, Who’s gonna be the one).



Next it is the turn of the Swedish band tribulation. And it is difficult to be on stage as the next band after such a start. And it shows soon. This band can not captivate the audience like Jinjer.  Bassist and vocalist Johannes  Andersson takes his place behind the microphone and begins with the opening song, Lady Death. But most eyes were on the two guitarists who moved as full ballerinas on stage. Certainly one of the two attempts during the whole performance a  rendition of Swan Lake. It does not fit the music and the audience has no interaction with the music. The numbers started promising  but became actually a bit boring. They take a bit too long. And although Johannes is a great bass player and singer, the public has reasonable dropped. It is noisy in the room and no pit or real movement. Too bad it was a bit disappointing.

Foto William van der Voort Cloackture Photography

(Setlist: Lady Death, Melancholia, The motherhood of God, the Susperia profundis, Night Bound, Strange gateway Belkon, The lament).



Bammm … ..Wintersun puts her opening song Awaken from the dark slumber and wham 013 is awake. If then also singer Jari Mäenpää appears on stage this Finnish band has full attention.  Jari has directly the audience on his side. But the most appealing music has that effect. Delicious metal as it sounds. But especially the always still audible melodic sounds give this band that mystical which also indicates the name Wintersun. Deep in a dark forest where all kinds of mysterious things take place.

Foto William van der Voort Cloackture Photography

And see the audience. In the middle of the hall is a row of fans that the entire action with arms over each other’s shoulders delicious headbanging to the sounds of wintersun. And behold, during a musical interlude Jari take a lovely mug of tea. Something you do not see every day on stage. After the slot number Time the band received a big applause . It is a great appetizer for what is yet to come.

(Setlist: Aweken from the dark slumber, Winter madness, Sons of Winter, Loneliness, battle against time, time)


Arch Enemy

By the sounds of  Ace of Spades we are made aware that Arch Enemy will take the stage. One by one the band members came on stage.  And when the song With set flame to the night began, Alissa White-Gluz came on  stage. And what  a start she makes. It is inconceivable that in such a “small creature” can be such a sound, unbelievable. And  what an energy. She can not really stand still and goes  from left to right across the stage. On the steps of the drum kit and a jump down again, great to see. Yet I see something during the first three numbers  which I call the “Corey Taylor” effect. Much the same act gently. I do not know if you noticed it but she moves the microphone quickly from one throw to the other hand. Later I see no return.

Foto William van der Voort Cloackture Photography

But let’s talk about the music. And that is excellent. It goes quickly  from one to the other number. And of course,there are the songs The world is yours and The eagle flies over alone. But the most impressive songs were The race and You will know my name at me. Of course, Alissa is the undisputed number 1 of this band. But it is good that all the band members had their “moment”. Yet despite that Arch Enemy has access to great musicians. Especially when the three guitar players together, side by side, which have gives goose bumps at that moment.

It’s over before you know it. At 22.45 is over and out, and the public is very grateful . It was a long drive but it was more than worth it.

(Setlist: Ace of spades, set flame to huh night, The world is yours, Ravenous, The Race, War eternal, My apocalypse, You will know my name, Bloodstained cross, dead eyes see no future, The eagle flies alone, Ash the pages burn).

And our young metal fan? Oh an occasional sidelong glance was enough to show that she enjoyed. And when  Arch Enemy was on stage she did a lot of singing. No, that’s okay. Metal will remain still exist. And that’s a nice feeling to return home with.

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