Secret Rule (English)


Most discoveries are done by accident. Think for example to the discovery of America. Columbus thought to be quite different somewhere. But it does not always have to be bad what you discovered by chance. And that goes for me too, though searching on the well-known worldwide web I discoverd, by chance, the band Secret Rule. I don’t remember which band I was actually listening to but that’s of no importance.

Picture: website Secret Rule

Searching on YouTube

People who sometimes work with YouTube know, of course, that you will always see a number of bands that have a “reasonable agreement” with what you are listening to. So you can judge yourself a little bit how I Secret Rule must have found. Just clicked and going to listen. And even though I don’t remember which band I had listened to first, I know exactly what song it was that woke me up immediately…. namely “The song of The Universe”.

And it’s not even the wonderful music that really makes me awake or the cheerfully dancing lady, it’s that voice. I’m not sure how to describe it but he is powerful, not really full, but he has something magical. Something that appeals to me directly. I listen to the song and I am impressed. More searching of this band is therefore the motto. And I do. And the more I hear the more I get impressed.

Picture: website Secret Rule

The sound

It is often the that there is a lot of analogy in the numbers of a band and that it will often become monotonous after listening. But Secret Rule shows the opposite. The songs are wonderfully diverse and every time I get surprised again. Listen to the song “You’re The Player”.

What a wonderful uptide number that is. Nice guitar rhythm and then again that voice. Now just sounding a little bit different than the previous song I mentioned, but still that Powerful some high sound. In short, a band to get acquainted with.

Picture: website Secret Rule

Who they are

The band is from Italy (Rome) and was founded in 2014. The band members already have a musical background. The band is named melodic Metal. And that is about to be discussed.  Many Italian melodic metal bands you can recognize them directly to that typical “Italian” sound. A little medieval or whatever you call it. Secret Rule certainly not (I think). I really like them more towards the power metal. For example, if you listen to a song like “I have The Sun” it will be clear I think. But it also indicates directly that it is a versatile band that you clearly do not place in a box.

But let’s continue where we stayed. The band composition is as follows:

Angela di Vincenzo – Voice

Andy Menario – Guitars

Nicola Corrente – Drums

Michele Raspanti – Bass


During performances and record recordings, the band is often assisted by several guest musicians. A

In the meantime, the band has three albums on their name:

  • Transposed emotions (2015)

  • Machination (2016)

  • The key to the world (2017)

You can see them

If you just as I became curious. There is good news. The band will be touring trough Europe from 9 February.

So you can see them:

15 February: Vosselaar  (Belgium) with Serenity, Visions of Atlantis,  and Sleeping Romance

17 February: as headliner Maasmechelen (Belgium at the Jan Hertog Club)

18 February: as headliner Morlenbach (Germany at the Live Music Hall)

All information can be found on the website of the band.  or on Their Facebook page.


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