Symphonic melodic Metal night at Dynamo Eindhoven

On Saturday evening the 17th febr, there is symphonic melodic metal fest at Dynamo Eindhoven. A music fest that regularly take place in this city. For this particular evening no less than four bands are on the program. These bands are Dream Ocean, Manzana, Edenbridge and Amberian Dawn. For the lovers of symphonic melodic metal a finger-licking good program.


Album release Dream Ocean

The first band that appears on stage this evening is the Turkish/German band Dream Ocean. They use this opportunity to present their new album “Lost Love Symphony”. A gift for their fans because the official release will be at 22 th of febr.

The start is not the best you can have. They have to play without their keyboard player who is in bed with the flu. But the band is doing fine, and plays very well even without the keyboard player.

Singer Basak Ylva has a classical education and is also very active in the opera front. So quite a switch to the metal scene . But the combination of her quite like opera-style voice and the music of her band sounds phenomenal. It gives even the sound a somewhat Oriental accent, what suits this band perfectly.

With songs like “Beyond the Greed”, “Everstorm” and “Forever” , the band is solid as a rock and the band has a great album in the market. And with a fine performance on the stage is that a super entry for this evening.



The next band on stage is  Manzana, a metalband from Finland. And if you ever wants to see have a band where you have the idea that a hurricane has raged across the stage you should invite Manzana .

With frontwoman  Lady Piritta Lumous  itis a party on stage. Except singer, she is regularly seen in the theater, writes and reads tarot cards. She also sings  together with colleagues of her in Finland. It is a marvelous performer.

The band has released four albums sofar and tonight they bring a mix of songs from these albums. With songs like “Falling to Pieces”, “Mother can’t Rock” “No Ennemies”, and the recently released “Dance Macabre” ,Piritta know’s how  to play flawlessly the public. And if she during the last track  her t-shirt throw into the public  the party is complete. But let us not forget that the musicians around her also have their share in this great outing. It’s a party that’s to fast over and the proverbial Hurricane is leaving the stage.



The Austrian band edenbridge is this evening the so called co-headliner. This band is  many years active (founded in 1998) and this is  shown by the fact that the room is now well filled. Many people are apparently for this band to Eindhoven.

That it take some getting used to is obviously after the hurricane Manzana . Edenbridge put down a solid action as you may expect that of a symphonic melodic metal band. Beautiful and decent numbers and a quiet performance on stage.

Frontwoman  Sabine Edelsbacher also has suffer from the virus that apparently all artists has ignited. Especially in announcing the numbers is a certain hoarseness noticeable. But fortunately it has no consequences for her singing. The songs are varied and are submitted by the public which sung part of the mass

And of course they sung  the numbers “The Moment is Now” and “Higher” . The public is clearly content and shows their gratitude to the band.


Amberian Dawn

The last band, and headliner, is the Finnish Amberian Dawn. What stands out is that it has become more quiet in the room. It is a performance that is full of energy. Both guitarists and the  keyboard player are all the way on the front of the stage , so there is a mega interaction with the public. But singer Capri Virkkunen gives the public plenty of attention. Smile if a picture is  taken , pointing and waving the public encourage them to get moving and dancing.

The band is here, of course, to promote the last album “Darkness of Eternity” , but  the “oldies” are not forgotten. So the band released the title song from their first album “River of Tuoni”. Also the successes “Valkyries” and “Magic Forest” are not forgotten. But also songs from the last album were played. For example, there are “Sky is Falling”, “I’m the One” and  “Dragonflies“.

The band closes against the clock of twelve this evening. We have seen  four different, but fine bands . Dynamo can look back on a more than successful evening.

Not over yet

But for those who want the evening is not over yet. In the Hall there is  plenty of  for the public to  talk with the band members. And they take time to talk to the public. . Good to see that bands and audiences find each other and so a beautiful evening ends..


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