Album review “Queen of Light” by REXORIA (English)

Sometimes something new happened to you. This was the case with the album “Queen of Light” by the Swedish band REXORIA. Coincidentally I heard the song “Run for Your Life” and was triggered instantly. Little Googling and a week later the album was on the player.

“Queen of Light” is the first full time album of this band. For this album was released (January 2018), the band produced a 2-EPS, where the aforementioned song “Run for Your Life” is found.

It’s a really “no-frills” album. We see nowadays in the Melodic metal scene more and more often that albums have to tell a kind of story, this album is just a nice collection of 11 songs that tells you every time a story of its own.

The title of the album, “Queen of Light” has been chosen by the band because they find it a well-fitting title and it fits the album cover beautifully.

The band REXORIA is a melodic Metal band. But when you hear their album, you are sometimes tempted to think more about power Metal. But often it is so close to each other that the distinction is difficult to make. And what’s more beautiful than an album that gives the necessary variation in tracks. And “Queen of Light” does that for sure.

All songs on the album are written by singer Frida Ohlin and Jonas Gustavsson. Frida did the melodies and lyrics.

The album begins with “The land in between”, a short introduction of less than 2 minutes. Nice but it gives the listener maybe a wrong impression. This intro is not REXORIA as it sounds on the rest of the album. Anyway, it’s only short.

The rest of the album lets you hear how REXORIA really sounds. It is an alternation of melodic and power metal related songs. It is striking that the guitars play a very important role. And by that I mean that the bass has a somewhat subordinate role which, incidentally, gives REXORIA its own sound.

Are there any notable songs to be heard on the album? Sure there ara. When we listen to the first 3 songs, “Stranded”, “Queen of Light” and “Voice of heaven” we know exactly who this band sounds. As mentioned the striking guitars but also the special vocal sound of singer Frida Ohlin. It sometimes sounds a little hollow with an aggressive appearance. But it fits perfectly with the music.

The title track “Queen of Light” is a really great sounding song that you are inclined to sing along. Just pleasantly lying in the ear.

Picture: REXORIA

Most beautiful and notable song on this album is “Song by the Angels”. It is a truly beautiful ballad in which Frida’s voice is more than optimal. The song is brilliantly built up and lets you hear what this band is capable of. This is music is the purest form.

The song “The Saviour” is a little as “Queen of Light”, with a wonderful intro. Delicious riffs that sound through the intro. Good rhythm and fine lyrics.. The chorus sounds a little commercial.

After “Hurricane’en” My Spirit will run free ” the albums last track is  “You’ll be Alright “. And that’s exactly what I feel after listening to this album.

I Feel fine! It is an excellent debut album by a excellent band. The album is alternating, fits well together and contains a variety of tracks that never make you feel that it gets bored. Every time you are wondering what the next track is going to be.

I appreciate this album 85/100



The land in between


Queen of light

Voice of heaven

Way to die

Song by the angels

Next generation

The savior


My spirit will run free

You’ll be alright


The album can be obtained via the website of the band


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