Interview REXORIA (English)

Sometimes you suddenly come across something that you think, I want to know more about that. And I had that with the Swedish band REXORIA. After listening to their album “Queen of Light” I became so curious that I decided to put on the proverbial naughty shoes and just go and interview them. Of course easier said than done because they have to give permission for it..

Fortunately, no problem, so let’s see if we can get to know them better.

Picture: REXORIA

The first question was: “When was the band established?

We announced REXORIA in the beginning of 2016. And we are playing live now for about 1,5 year.

 Who invented the name REXORIA?

The name REXORIA was invented by Frida, Jonas and Martin. They came up with the name before Cristofer was added to the band.

And is there a special meaning in the name REXORIA?

It wasn’t easy to come up with a name. We wanted something mysterious and unique and so we tried a lot of different names. But in the end we got REXORIA and everyone loved it! It sounded beautiful and mysterious and then the idea came of REXORIA as the world Unknown.

You are just saying that Cristofer joined the band later. Has the band always been out of this composition or have there been any changes lately?

No, it has always been the four of us. We’re working great together and have the same go and spirit. So hopefully it will last a long, long time.

How did you find each other?

We know each other for a long time. So Jonas and Martin are brothers and Martin and Frida are engaged. And we found Cristofer trough internet and became close friends.

I already know your names but introduce yourselves a little bit more please.

Sure, no problem. This is who we are and what we do in the band:

Frida Ohlin – vocals and  keyboard

Jonas Gustavsson – guitar and  bass

Cristofer Svensson – guitar

Martin Gustavsson – drums


Thank you! But can you also tell me something about your backgrounds (in music)?

I am Frida and I am 26 years old. I sing and play keyboard. And I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember .As a child I loved to sing. It was only in my teenage years that I discovered that I really liked rock and metal. And since then that has always remained the same. This is really my music. Bands that I like include Battle Beast, Avantasia, Edguy, Hardline, Gotthard, H.E.A.T., Doro, Powerwolf and much more.

I am Jonas and am 29 years old. I play guitar and bass. I have always been a big fan of hard rock and heavy metal. When I was about 10 years old I started playing guitar. From that time on I’ve already started writing songs and have also played in different bands. I get my inspiration from bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, Hammerfall and Helloween.

I am Cristofer and am 28 years old. I play guitar in the band. I have also listened to metal all my life. I got my first guitar when I was 14 years old. My favorite bands include Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Ensiferium and Amorphis.

And I am Martin and I am 24 years old. I am the drummer in the band. Of course I grew up with a brother who was fanatic metal fan and also played guitar. I started playing drums quite young. My favorite bands are Motley Crew, AC/ DC and Iron Maiden.

Who is responsible for the music? I mean which one of you writes the lyrics and music?

The are written by Frida and Jonas. Frida creates the melodies, lyrics and chords and than Jonas makes most of the music.

Picture: REXORIA

How many albums have you released so far? And how are they called?

We released our first full length album “Queen of Light” January 19th 2018. We did it with our record company “Pride and Joy Music”.

Before that we released also two EP’s. The are called “The World Unknown” and “Moments of Insanity” which is available on CD as well.

Where have you performed until know?

We did shows in so many different cities and countries already. We played in Sweden of course, but also in Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and Austria to name a few countries. In Sweden we have played in a lot of different cities with different bands. We have also played twice on a cruise called “Rock the Boat”.

What are your wishes as we look to the future of the band?

Now first we are hoping to spread our music as much as possible all over the world. And second that people will like our music so much that it will bring joy in their daily lives.

And if our music grow bigger we want to keep playing our music live and entertain on different scenes around the world.

Picture: REXORIA

That means that you have to be fulltime musicians. Are you already or do you have other jobs also?

At the moment we do have other jobs as well. But of course we are all hoping that one day soon we can play music as full-time musicians.

Which was your best concert so far?

Pfffff……that’s a hard one to answer because all shows are different. Just to meet new people who love our music is just as exiting on every show. But one memorable show was the one we played at “Masters of Rock Café in  the Czech Republic. The crowd was amazing and the sound in the venue was so great! That was a special concert for sure.

Are there bands you like to perform with?

That’s also a hard one. We have already played with some of the bands we love like battle Beast, Bloodbound, Hardcore Superstar and soon we will play with bands as Bonafide and Bullet.

But it would be really cool to play with bands like Avantasia, Sabaton, Ghost or maybe Doro.

Where can we find REXORIA find in about 3 years?

Hopefully somewhere out in the world playing as much as we can! And maybe released 1 or 2 more albums and just enjoying the ride of being musicians.

Can we REXORIA compare with other bands?

We don’t like to be compared with other bands because we feel we have our own sound. And that’s why it’s really hard to say if we can be compared with other bands. But maybe a mix between H.E.A.T., Hammerfall, Avantasia and Battle beast with some folk influences.

Who were or are your idols?

I believe we all have the same idols as we had before we were in REXORIA> Jonas has always been a big fan of Iron Maiden and has been to many shows with them. Martin is more the Rock ‘n’Roll guy and likes melodic and standard hard rock like AC/DC. Cristofer like the harder type of music like Ensferium and Amon Amarth. And Frida likes all different types of music, everything from power metal to pop/rock.

Do someone of you play in other bands also?

No! all of us are 100% focused on REXORIA. And we all are happy to do this together.

Is the interaction with your audience important?

Of course it is! It is one of the important things for us. The audience is our family and what keeps us as band going. So we are always trying to do our best to give them the best and greatest show we can give. And we always try to have a perfect interaction with our audience and talk with them. Both on shows and on social media and by email.

What do you think of your audience so far?

The audience has been great. And it’s really awesome that REXORIA has fans from so many countries and all kinds of people.

You’re living in a big country. Is it easy to practice with or live you all far apart?

Three of us live in the same, really small village. And the fourth person lives just some miles away, so at the moment practice is really easy.

Can we guys see you in Holland soon?

Unfortunately not. We would love to come to the Netherlands. And we also know that we have fans there. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can come and play there soon!

But we are playing  several times in Germany. So if there are people who wants to see us they can come to Germany in may. We will give them a great show.

Is there something you want to tell that I not yet have asked?

Yes! In may 2018 we are going on a two week European Tour with Bullet and Screamer.

We will visit Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. So if anyone wants to see us play, check out here:


I want to thank you all for this awesome interview! It was great talking to you. If people want to have some more information about you, where can they find it?

They can find it on our website or social media:

And on music sites like Spotify, YouTube and I Tunes.



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