Interview with METAPRISM


It must have been the end of April 2017 when I for the first time met the British band METAPRISM. They had a gig at Dynamo Eindhoven, they were supporting Xandria. And I was impressed by the music they made.

After the gig I had the opportunity to talk with the bandmembers of METAPRISM. And it was the same time that I start writing about music a more serious way.

Because I had a lot of questions for the bandmembers and they had a lot of people to talk to then, I suggested to do an interview later.

Brief review

When I look back at the interview then there are a few things I want to tell. The bandmembers told me that they were busy making a new, second, album. They already released an EP and an album, “The Human Encryption”. But they were sure, there has to be a new album.

They told me about a few nice gigs they had done, so there were Bloodstock and Wacken. And they mentioned the bands which were their idols.  And I remembered that they had to think about a name for their band and they finally came up with METAPRISM and their wish to become fulltime musicians.

But what stayed always in my mind was how fanatic they talked about their passion, making music with METAPRISM.


New album

Just for a year ago they talked about making a new, second album. Now a year later, it’s already there. Their second album “Catalyst to Awakening”.

For me a nice opportunity to invite them again for an interview and ask them how they are now, one year later.

Album cover

The band

For those who don’t know METAPRISM yet I will introduce the bandmembers to you:

Ollie Roberts                     guitar

Theresa Smith                  vocals

Joey Draper                       vocals

Calumm Downing            guitar

James Clarke                    drum

Matt Hudson                    bass


Picture: Metaprism

The interview

Ollie Roberts answered the questions.

It’s almost a year ago I saw your performance in Eindhoven. Is there a difference in  METAPRISM a year ago and METAPRISM now?

From our perspective I think we have learnt from gigging/touring experiences over that year on trying to improve our live show. So hopefully that now comes across to fans who have perhaps seen us before. There’s always something to improve on whether its live or recorded so I think the aim is just to keep trying to get stronger and more confident with it all the time.

 There is a new album. Is there a difference relative to the first one?

I’d say the new album is perhaps stylistically similar, in that it has many of the elements rom the first album, but overall it’s probably heavier and everything is just more. Pretty much a natural progression from “The Human Encryption”.

 The album is called “Catalyst to Awakening”. Is there a special meaning in this title?

It’s basically based around the songs concepts of the album, the different states and opening of our minds.

 What can you tell about the tracks on the album?

I think there is definitely something for most metalheads on this album. We have the big melodic choruses of tracks like “Unleash the Fire”(the first single) and “Carve the Stone”to the faster trash type elements like in “Unanimous” and general heavy riffing throughout. Having 2 styles of vocals there is a balance between the growls and the cleans as well, so generally something for everyone… long as you like metal! Haha

 Which track do you like most?

That’s hard to say. It’s definitely kept changing throughout  the whole recording process and live performances. But at the moment I would say “Unleash the Fire”, “Living by Proxy” and maybe “Illogical era”, but that could change again by next week. We have not played them all live yet, so we will have to see.

 There are some guests on the album. How was it to work with them?

Yes, Marco, Chiara and Timo were all great and did a fantastic job. It’s always nice to have friendly talented people on board and I think they added to the tracks really well.

 What can we expect on stage when you’re playing the new tracks?

Well as ever when bands have new material to play it gives that extra bit of energy and freshness to it and especially when you see fans reacting to it as well. We have yet to play all the new ones live yet. But the ones we have so far seemed to have been well received. So that really helps keep the energy up of performances for sure.

 Who wrote the numbers on the new album?

Well usually I will write and structure the music. Theresa and Joey write the melodies and lyrics. And once all the ideas for that are done, we will sit down and fine tune it. Then James, Callum and Matt will come in and put their own spin on their parts which adds to the final touches.


Picture: Metaprism

How do you feel about this album?

It definitely feels stronger than the last record, as it should really as you always want to be improving from the previous! Everything feels more accomplished and I think we achieved the bigger, more aggressive sound we were going for as well.

We are proud of the album and how it’s turned out for sure. Ultimately it’s down to the fans though and hopefully  they really take to it and spread the word!

 There are some reviews already. Are you satisfied with them?

Yes! So far we have a lot of reviews, which in itself is great that so many have taken the time to actually listen and review it. It seems to have gone very well from what I have seen so far. Mostly 8’s and 9’s which is excellent. A very good start for the new album and hopefully more people will take notice because of it.

 What are the plans of the near future?

In turns of gigging at the moment we are looking in to booking some festivals for summer mouths and perhaps a bigger tour later in the year.

Hopefully we will return to the Netherlands and Germany again as well.

 So you can’t tell us when we can see METAPRISM again in Holland?

Well nothing is confirmed for Holland just yet, so I can’t really say. But we will definitely be back there at some point this year.


Are there things you want to tell us which I didn’t ask?

To the fans reading this! Please check out the album and if you like it help support the band to keep going by buying an album/t-shirt and come to see the live shows. It means a lot and we love meeting new people. You can often find us at the merch stand, so come say hi.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far and all the reviews/interviews who help spread the word.


Check out Spotify:


As an bonus for the readers of Ons Nieuws the latest video of Metaprism.


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