Interview with Fenrir’s Scar

Fenrir’s Scar is a (alternative) metal band from Brasil. I must honestly say I had never heard of them. But when I was just “surfing” on YouTube I heard a song of this band and was immediately interested.

I listen to their album “Fenrir’s Scar” and was so much interested that I decided to search for the story  which is called “Fenrir’s Scar”. And the lovely singer of the band, Desiree Rezende was so kind the answer a lot of questions so we can learn more about this Brazilian band.

Picture: Fenrir’s Scar

Where does the name Fenrir’s Scar come from and what is the meaning of it? And we invented the name?

The name Fenrir’s Scar was inspired by the song Fenrir’s Last Howl, originally recorded by the power metal band CounterParts, in which André was co-founder. When he left the band in 2007, he already had on his mind to take the name Fenrir with him for a future band, and after some time he came up with the name Fenrir’s Scar. This song was also recorded for our album with a different arrangement.


Has the band always been out of this composition or have there been any changes lately?

On our original line up we had Vinicius Prado on Guitars, but unfortunately he left the band last November. So André took over the guitars as well. Right now this is our line-up:
Ildécio Santos – Drums
Gabriel Rezende – Bass
Paulo “Khronny” Victor – Guitars
Graziely Maria – Keys
André Baida – Guitars & Vocals
Desireé Rezende – Vocals

When was the band established?

The band was created in 2015, after Andre and myself have composed our first demo songs, Downfall and Dark Eyes and we wanted to record and start a band together. So we invited the other members.

How did you find each other?

We know each other for a long time, we already played in several bands together. For example, me, André, Paulo, Ildécio and Gabriel had a Lacuna Coil cover in 2009. In 2014 me, Graziely, Ildécio and Gabriel had an Evanescence cover, and in the same year André and Vinicius played on Fabiano Negri’s band, who is the producer of our album.

Can you tell something about yourselfs (age, instrument, background, etc.)?

I’m (Desiree) 30 years old. I started having singing lessons when I was 17, so it has been 13 years.
André is 38 years old and has been playing music for 26 years. He used to be a bass player, and now he sings and plays the guitar on our band.
Paulo is 31 years old and has been playing guitar for 15 years.
Graziely is 21 and has been playing the keyboards for 9 years.
Ildécio is 29 and has been playing drums for 11 years.
Gabriel is 28 and has been playing bass for 12 years.

Who writes the songs (text and music)?

I ( Desiree) usually write the lyrics and André writes the songs.

How many CDs have you released so far? What are the titles of the CDs and who was responsible for the name of the cd’s?

We have released only one CD so far. It was released on October 2017, and it’s self-titled. Fenrir’s Scar. The whole band helped deciding the CD’s name, but it was André’s idea.


Album cover Fenrir’s Scar


What are you up to until now. Where  have you performed until now?

We have only played in our home town, Campinas-SP(Brazil) until now.

 What would you like to do in the future?

We plan to release 3 more videos this year and start working on our next album. We also wish to play more on out home town and in São Paulo state.

Are you a full-time musician or do you also have other work?

Unfortunately, all of us have another jobs, not related to music.


Picture: Fenrir’s Scar


 What was the best concert so far?

Our best concert was the concert we had in October 7th, 2017. When we released our album.

Which band (s) would you like to perform with?

There are several bands we would like to play with. Some new bands like us, like our friends from Inraza, I Seek Revenge, Valiria, Van Dorte, Haney, Brightstorm. They are all bands from São Paulo, but we hadn´t had a chance to play together yet, but we wish to do that soon.
Another great Brazilian bands that are also know internationally like
Semblant, Vandroya, Lyria, Angra and Shadowside.
And of course with our idols,
Lacuna Coil, Delain, Moonspell, Within Temptation, Tristania, Epica.

Where is the band in 3 years?

We plan to have released at least one more album and have toured to several cities from Brazil. Also, to start plan an international tour maybe. 

Which bands can we compare?

I’m not sure to which band you can compare, some people say that we sound like Lacuna Coil, and other people say that we sound different from all the bands we like.

Who were your idols? And who are that now?

I don’t think our idols have changed a lot, our influences are Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Tristania, Within Temptation, Delain, etc.

Are you coming to The Europe to play?

We don’t have anything planed for now. But we definitely want to play in Europe someday.

Do you feel the interaction with your audience important?

Sure, it’s very important to be closer to the audience, and today is very easy to do that on social media. We need to connect to the audience, so they can connect to our music.

What do you think of the public so far?

The public has been very supportive and very lovely as well. We have some people who is really into our music, listen to the songs every day, help us sharing on social media, buying CD’s and merch, etc.
The difficult part is to get new people to listen to the music, most people wants to hear only the great artists and are not welcome to new bands, specially independent bands like us. But if they give a chance they can discover very good songs and bands.


Picture: Fenrir’s Scar

Is it easy to practice or live you far apart

We all live in the Campinas region, Ildécio and Graziely live in the neighbor cities, but it’s really close. Distance is not a problem for us to practice.

Do the members play in other bands too?

Right now all the members play only in Fenrir’s Scar.

Where can you find information about FENRIR’S SCAR?
Streaming & digital stores:


Google Play:…/album/Fenrir_s_Scar_Fenrir_s_Scar…


Social Media:


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