Fenrir’s Scar (album by Fenrir’s Scar)

I already introduced you to the Brazilian band Fenrir’s  Scar. Fenrir’s Scar is a (alternative) metal band from Brasil. For more information about the band itself you can read the interview on www.onsnieuws.blog.

They made one album, Fenrir’s Scar. The album was released in 2017 and contains 10 tracks. When I first heard the album it was a little bit difficult for me to write the review. I’m not familiar with Brazilian metal music. Sure I know Semblant and Lacuna Coil, but that’s all. So I had to listen to it several times before I could give it an honest opinion. And let me tell you how I did it. I travel a lot and I listen to the album several times while I was travelling by train. With my headphones, sun I my eyes, and then listening  to Fenrir’s Scar. And that’s exactly what this music is made for. And I hope I will say it right. For me it’s real melodic metal with some parts symphonic metal and some parts power metal. I know it sounds a bit weird I guess but that’s just how it feels.

albumcover: Fenrir’s Scar

What makes me really happy is the use of keyboards in the band. I think that this kind of music needs keyboards. And they are very well played by Graziely. It makes the tracks complete. The band uses two singers, Desiree and Andre, and the mix is perfect. Especially the sometimes high voice of Desiree is giving the tracks their own sound. And even the band members say they sound a bit like Lacuna  Coil, I think Fenrir’s Scar has created its own sound.

Talking about voices. I think that Andre should use more his clear voices. His growling is fine but when I listen to “Fenrir’s Last Howl” I hear a singer with an excellent voice. But I understand that some songs just need the growling. So keep it!

The 10 tracks on the album are all different. And that makes the album complete. Not the best tracks in the front but just spread all over the album, so everyone can pick her or his favorite track.

Picture: pressmap Fenrir’s Scar

So there is the beautiful ballad “Keep you close”, which is well done by Desiree. The very up tide track “Dawnfall” and of course “From porcelain to Ivory”, which is also on video.

The first track on the album, “Fearless Heart”, just shows how this band is. Well played instruments and two great voices. But I have to be honest, there are a few parts on the album that I think the voices are too loud as compared to the music. But it’s only a few short times.

When you ask me which track is my favorite, it surely is “Caliban”. I think this is the track which has the potential to become a hit. It’s a great, great song.

It’s the first album of a band just started. I think they did a great job recording this album. I am a happy men that I had the opportunity to do a review and I will say thanks to Fenrir’s Scar.

And what I always have to do is give it a ranking. For this album it is 80/100.

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