Semi finals FemME Metal Event; the FemME battles 2018

On Saturday the 21th and Sunday the 22th of April organizes FemMME – Female Metal Evet the semi finals of the FemME battles 2018. These semi finals take place at TODO in Best (Netherlands).


FemME is founded thanks to Ton Dekkers. Ton has always been a great fan of symphonic rock/metal with feminine vocals. His favorite bands were The Gathering, After Forever, Within Temptation and Nightwish.

Ton was also concert photographer and he was aware that there are not much concerts with his favorite kind of music. Ton started to organize concerts with his favorite music and bands. It started small but now it’s much bigger. So now we have FemME Metal Event.

It is now even a foundation which want to help talented musicians. But it have to be bands with a feminine bandmember(s), vocal or instrumental.

FemME- Female Metal exists for 5 years now. Started small but now a big event in Eindhoven ( 11- 14 October). And the last three years they even had  the FemME battles. In the first year with  most Dutch bands but now with bands from all over Europe.


Before the semi finals there were five preliminaries. These preliminaries were also over Europe. They were in Malta, Belgium, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands.

How it goes

During the preliminaries the bands may play a few of their own numbers (no covers). They hear just before performing with one goes first, second etc. After the contest a jury (music professionals) choose one winner. And the public may choose one winner. So those two bands go to the semi finals. And there were five preliminaries, so ten bands are and the semi finals.

Hillary Slaughter (Foto: Ton Dekkers)

These semi finals take place the 21the and 22th of April in TODO in Best (Netherlands).  In every semi final we get two winners (jury and public). So we get four bands which go to the finals (16 Juni PopEI Eindhoven). And one band gets a “wildcard”, given by the founder of the event, Ton Dekkers.

The semi finals

The bands which are playing:

21 april:  The Guardian (Belgium), Mir zur Feier (Germany), Solitude Within (Belgium), Hillary Slaughter (Germany) en Sounds of September (Estonia).

Doors open: 18.30 hour


22 april: Athaleon (Belgium), Setheist (Poland), Elysian Gates (Luxemburg), GoneZilla (France) en Seraphiel (Finland).

Doors open: 15.00  hour

Tickets only at TODO Best, 7,50 euro (for each semi final).

TODO: Jacob van Wassenaerstraat 69 Best Netherlands

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