Dream Ocean: The Box Hilvarenbeek

Where classic meets metal; Dream Ocean

 Sometimes you are just lucky. A band you’ve seen before, and which you liked very much, is coming again to your country. And when the concert is also in the neighborhood you can do just one thing, go there!

Dream Ocean (photo: Harrie de Haas)

And this opportunity I had with the band Dream Ocean. I saw them a few weeks ago in Eindhoven and now they were performing at the Box in Hilvarenbeek. The band was playing there with four other bands;  Beyond God, Kingfisher Sky, Shadowrise and Phantom Elite.

There are all kinds of metal music so it’s not always easy to put a band in one of the different styles. And I have that problem with Dream Ocean. It sounds like melodic symphonic metal but it has something special. I called it “where classic meets metal”.

Dream Ocean (photo: Harrie de Haas)

And classic meets metal in the person of Basak Ylva, the front woman of the band. With her classic voice she gives every song something special. The music is absolutely metal but when you close your eyes and listen to the voice of Basak your dreaming away to foreign countries far away. And when you almost are there the music wakes you up again. Maybe that’s why they called the band Dream Ocean.

Dream Ocean (photo: Harri)e de Haas

But let’s go back to the concert. The band is second on stage that afternoon. Unfortunately is the band not in her original lineup. And also singer Basak is a little bit ill. But her singing is again awesome.

The band released a few weeks ago their first album, Lost Love Symphony. And of course they played tracks of this new album. Popular tracks as Beyond the Greed, Everstorm, Forever,  Wolfheart and Never Enough were on the playlist. And they sound again beautiful. It’s so nice to see how the band is acting on stage. There is passion in every move they made. And even a technical issue is no reason to panic. Very professional!

The played about 50 minutes I think and that’s way to short. I hope to see them again soon but as headliner or co-headliner so they have more time to play. I’ve seen them twice but they stole my heart. With their music, performance and just the way they are. Very nice people who want to entertain their audience.

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