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Sign of the Dragonhead World tour arrives at Doornroosje

It’s Sunday evening the 29th of April. The Sign of the Dragonhead World tour arrives at Doornroosje Nijmegen. This tour brings  Almanac, MaYaN and Leaves ‘Eyes to our beautiful country. And they did well. It was a great party that evening and I was there, lucky guy.

Tour of the Dragonhead

The tour is called Sign of the Dragonhead because it’s the title of Leaves ‘Eyes latest album. They released it in January 2018. Lot’s of people had great expectations about this album because it was the first one with their new singer Elina Siirala.

And after several shows all over Europe, this evening they are in Nijmegen. And the place to be is Doornroosje. It’s a very nice modern concert hall. The sound is always great, it’s not to big and the people who work there are very nice to the audience so it always feels like “home”.


And traveling to Doornroosje is easy. Train and busses are only a few minutes away. And what’s important for us Dutchies, it’s cheap.

But let’s talk about something more important, the music.


The first band that goes on stage is Almanac. This band, founded in 2015 by Victor Smolski, is a fine band to start with. They play “no nonsense metal”. Just nice riffs and great clear vocals. The band has even two singers. Jeanette Marchewka and David Readman. The two are a great couple and enjoy performing.

The band released two albums so far. The last one is “Kingslayer”. Most of the tracks they sing this evening are from this album. And the tracks “Hail to the King” and “Children of the secret Path” sounded really beautiful.

(picture:  Jimmy Israel/ schiet7kleuren.nl)

When Jeanette and David are not singing they clear the stage so the musicians can get the full attention of the audience. It’s great to see.

The gig is short (to short). Only 35 minutes. But the audience is pleased, very pleased. Almanac did a great job. A very big compliment for this band.


The next band on stage is MaYaN. And it’s a little bit special because they play at “home”. It’s always a surprise who comes on stage. The band, founded by Mark Jansen, has a lot of bandmembers. Some of them only play in MaYaN but a few others play also in other bands. So you never know who is available to play.

But tonight they play in Holland and see, ten members are on stage. Not the whole time. Every track gives bandmembers the opportunity to express themselves. But there are also tracks that they are all ten are on stage.

It’s a great performance. The bandmembers are very motivated and the show is fast and heavy. With five members who sing it’s great  to hear. Sometimes it sounds classic and sometimes the most heavy growls came of the stage. The public likes it very and give their support to the band.

(picture:  Jimmy Israel/ schiet7kleuren.nl)

Because not all the regular bandmembers are available they brought Adam Dellinger and Arjan Rijnen on stage. But what’s in a name.

MaYaN is also busy at the moment recording a new album. And how nice it is they played two new songs from the new album, “Tornado of Thoughts” and “The Power Proces”. (both songs you vcan find on this website also – thanks to MARLEO VIDEO)

After one hour the show is over. But the audience likes it so much. The give the band a big reward by screaming for minutes. And the bandmembers appreciate it very much. And how great it is to see a Dutch band on stage.

Leaves ‘Eyes

The last band of the evening is Leaves ‘Eyes. And it won’t be easy for them to take over because MaYaN had so much success and Leaves ‘Eyes music is a lot less heavier than MaYan.  So I’m curious.

The band started with the title track of their last album (and name of the tour), “Sign of the Dragonhead”. And I’m right. The audience is a bit quiet. Singer Alexander Krull  noticed it and he tries to “wake up” the public. And when he looks at you, you can only follow him. It’s a big guy so you have no choice. He’s just the opposite of singer Elina Siirale. But the two of them makes Leaves ‘Eyes to what they are now. And what they are now we heard after the first song.

The second track, “Across the sea”,  is the right song to wake up the audience. They liked it and the party goes on.

Leaves ‘Eyes played a lot of tracks of their new album and it sounds great. New front lady Elina is a great singer and there is no doubt. She made the band better. And together with Alexander it goes well on stage.

(picture:  Jimmy Israel/ schiet7kleuren.nl)

And with songs as “Jomsborg”, “Fires in the North” and “Riders on the wind” (their best of all I think), they let us really think we are back in time and the Vikings are attacking Nijmegen. We even see a real Viking when Alexander came on stage the second encore dressed like a big worrier.

But the band has not only two excellent singers. They also have excellent musicians.  Let’s not forget that they even have a Dutch guy behind the drums, Joris Nijenhuis. Well done Joris!!


But the tour goes on

At eleven o clock the show is over. To early I think. But the Vikings have to go on. Next stop Hamburg. But it was a great evening. I enjoyed all the three bands, I enjoyed it very much.

Next stop Nijmegen…..FortaRock. I’m looking forward to it.


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