METALITE (a dream come true)


Sometimes you can’t believe what you see. And that’s what happened when I saw a video of the Swedish band Metalite. It was for me a complete new band. Never heard of them before. What have I done wrong I asked myself. How is it possible never heard of a band with a video on YouTube with more than 900. 000 hits.

It made me curious, so I decided to ask them who they are. Their guitar player, Edwin Premberg, was willing to answer some questions. So read this interview and see how things can go in the world of music.

logo klein


Hi Edwin. Can you tell us where the name Metalite come from and what it means?

(Edwin): The name just popped out when I was producing the first song and sound. I needed a modern name for the band and Metalite felt like the right name for it. First as the “project “Metalite” and now for the band.

Well it has all to do with metal and I wanted the sound to be “I33T” or “1337”(which means “Elite”in the online language “Leet” used in BSS and nowadays Online Gaming). Combined it became Metalite.

The band

Can you tell us who the band members are?

(Edwin): It’s me, Edwin Premberg, on guitar, Emma Bensing on vocals, Robert Ornesved on the second guitar, Lea Larsson on drums and Robert Majd on bassguitar.

How did you find each other?

(Edwin): I met Emma on a cruise ship here in Stockholm. Robert (Ornesved) is an old friend of mine, we played together for about 15 years ago(!). I found Lea and Robert (Majd) through some mutual friends later on.

When is the band established?

(Edwin): My thoughts about this project started in 2015 and we were as band all together in 2016.

Has the band always been in this composition or have there been changes?

(Edwin): No. The band was formed by me and Emma and later on we gathered this fantastic musicians to form the band Metalite.

Are you all full-time musicians or do you also have other jobs?

(Edwin): I have a full-time job but we’ll see what happens in the future. Maybe Metalite will take us elsewhere.

Do the members play in other bands too?

(Edwin): Robert Majd is the bandleader of the melodic band Captain Black Beard.


(picture: inner Would Recordings)

Is it easy to practice or do you live far apart?

(Edwin): We have our rehearsals here in Stockholm and it’s quit simple to meet each other and play.


The music

Who writes the songs, lyrics and music?

(Edwin): I wrote all the material for the “Heroes in time” al if there will be changes for the second album. We’ll see

If you have to compare Metalite with other bands, which will that be?

I think we are a blended mix between Sonata Arctica, Battle Beast, Beast in Black, Amaranthe and Beyond the Black.



Is “Heroes in time” the only album you have released so far? And who was responsible for the title?

(album cover “Heroes in Time”)

(Edwin): We released this album in 2017. The name “Heroes in time” was easy because of the song with the same name is on the album . And we are the Heroes in time.


Concerts and audience

Where have you played so far?

(Edwin): We have only played live once!  It was on our release show in Stockholm. It was at Harry B James, an awful release show.

Are there plans to go on stage in the future?

(Edwin): We’re now planning to do some shows in Holland and Germany later this year.

Are there bands you like to perform with?

(Edwin): It would be great to perform together with Sonata Arctica, Battle Beast, Sabaton, Stratovarius or Nightwish. Al these bands are great.

What do you think of the public so far?

(Edwin): We are so grateful for the positive response on our singles and album. This is a dream come true.

Do you find the interaction with your audience important?

(Edwin): Of course! We always give 110% of our energy to our fans and audience. And we love when the people in front of us are singing the songs and know the lyrics. That gives us a great feeling to even perform more and better.

Are you coming to Holland?

(Edwin): Yes, we playing July the 1th in Helmond.


What would you like to do in  the future?

(Edwin): We’re planning to release our second album and of course we want to do a lot of gigs later this year.

The success

I saw on YouTube that your album track “Afterlife” got more than 900.000 view already. How does it feel that people are looking this track so much?

(Edwin): It’s a dream come true and it feels so unreal. We are so grateful!









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