Sounds of September

Sounds of September is an alternative rock band from Tallinn, Estonia. The band existed now for almost four year. The band started in 2014, as a band that was writing rock music in Estonian. They started with  a male singer and in time  it turned out to be a rather alternative rock band with a female singer. And they also started to sing in English. So now they are a catchy band which will blow you away. They bring the energy to the stage.

They say about their music, “our music may hide different nuances from different genres, it’s the best way to describes ourselves, it leaves room for surprises”.

collage by Emily van Velzen


They choose the name Sounds of September from a list of many options and they picked just this one because it seemed right. But accidentally Mari-Liis’s (singer) birthday is also in September, so the name Sounds of September makes a bit more sense.


The band members

The band has 4 and 1 band members as they say. Why 4 and 1? I will explain that later.

Mari-Liis Aljas (vocals). She has been involved with music from pre-school. She has sung in choirs, ensembles, as a soloist and also in a few bands. She did the vocals and played the piano. After high school she went to learn pop-jazz singing in Tallinn. Ever since she has been performing in different bands and projects as a lead and backing vocalist. She’s also been in a few TV-shows singing backing vocals and has worked with many great musicians.


Alan Urva (guitars) is also the tech guy of the band. Alan started learning guitar at the age of 15. He has had a few teachers during that time, but mostly he is self-taught.  He is also the “brains” when is comes to technical solutions, the live shows and the studio recordings.

Rauno-Marko Murakas (bass) has been playin for 9 years. Mostly self-taught, but have had some private lessons to learn some tricks, licks and different styles to play.

kelly 1
picture by Kelly Thans


Ian Mikael Kirrs (drums) graduated music school with classical piano. Started playing drums when he was 10 years old. Four years later he became a Paiste artist with a lifetime contract.

And the number 5 is the sound engineer.


Life “outsite” the band

 Mari-Liis works in an accounting company as a project manager. So during day time calculating salaries and during the night writing music and singing in Sounds of September.

Alan is a guitar technician and owns a guitar store and service with his friend. Many of Estonian most famous guitarists come to Alan when there’s something wrong with their instruments.

Rauno works in Estonian biggest music store. He also works with various local artists as a technician.

Ian is a full time electronic music producer. He also gives private lessons for different drums.



The band made one album so far. It’s a self-titled Album (LP) which they released two years ago. And because they made everything by themselves it gave them a lot of experience.

                                                  video by Marleo Video         

Who they like

 There are a lot of bands and singers they like. For example Paramore, Foo Fighters, Bullet for my valentine, SOAD, Ghost, Bring me the Horizon, Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Soilwork, Slipknot, A day to Remember, All Time Low, Justin Timberlake, Highly Suspect, GnR, Metallica, Chris Stapleton, Michael Jackson, Santa Cruz, Nothing but Thiefs, Hollywood Undead, Eminem, Ed Sheeran and Motley Crew.

All bands motioned are a good choice to play with for them. And there are even more. But they say that every band they play with on different events leave their marks. And with many of them they would want to play with again.

kelly 2
picture by Kelly Thans

The future

 For the future they want to write more music. And their dream is to record more new albums. And to perform more in different countries so they can present themselves.



Sounds of September got these rewards already:

– Radio Mania “Best new band 2013”
– “D.N.B.” (October 2013) *Song of a week in TV6, commercial TV Channel*
– FemME Battle 2018 Finland preliminary winner
– FemME Battle 2018 Netherlands Semi-Final winner



About FemME they say:  “The whole event has left only good emotions. The vibe is great, all the people are so nice and helpful. It is really great to be here. And even to be chosen to battle here, because everybody knows that we are not a metal band”.


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