Setheist, female fronted melodic metal from Poland. Its unpredictable with ear-catching melodies. Clean vocals that turn into screams and growls, supported by progressive riffs and aggressive drumming. Its not only nice to listen, but nice to watch to. As they are very expressive on stage.
They bring you straight into a party mode

Collage by Emily van Velzen


The band was formed in 2007. The band started at that time as Seth. The band had in the early years to deal with a lot of personals changes. The band’s core, Longo, Kiel and Dlugi were numerous times challenged with finding the right people to join them as bassist and vocalist. And at the same time the work on the debut album was still in progress.

In 2013 Maxi came to the band as vocalist which resulted in the transforming of the musical style and the stage image. Changing the name into Setheist was supposed to express the new opening without letting go of the past. The name itself translates as “The Follower of the Egyptian God Seth”.


set kel 1
picture by Kelly Thans

The band members

The band has 5 band members.

Maksymina “Maxi” Kuzianik (vocals).  One can say music is in her veins as members of her family deal with it for generations. Maxi sang even before she learnt to speak. Now easily uses various vocal styles ranging from smooth classical singing to heavy metal screaming. She also performs backingvocals in heavy metal band Exlibris with whom in 2014 she recorded the album  Aftereal and since then has appeared on stage numerous times for instance supporting Def Lepard and during “The night of Burning” Aftereal  release performance which is about to be out on DVD. Her duties at Setheist apart from singing is all the management stuff. She adores Sceptic Flesh beyond all words and her vocal mentor is Floor Jansen. Moreover she is a student of interior architecture and is learning the art of tattooing.

set wen 2
picture by Wendy Steenmans

Tomasz “Kiel” Lato (guitar).  Kiel became interested in metal music at an early age when his brother started bringing the cassettes of Iron Maiden or Slayer. He practiced playing drums for some time but ultimately he took to guitar. His first steps onstage were with doom metal band Dracan From Jedrzejow, where he comes from. Most musical influence on Kiel’s style had unfortunately long gone guitar masters Chuck Schuldiner and Jeff Hanneman performing with his favorite bands Death and Slayer. In private life Kiel is a veterinarian.

Tomasz “Longo” Ciecielag (guitar). Somewhere  around 7th or 8th grade Longo came across Metallica’s „…And Justice For All” and since then he’s been listening to this masterpiece every single day (as a matter of fact, he still does:-). He’s the only one in the band that has completed formal musical education. He chose to play the guitar because, as he says, it’s one of the very few instruments which give him rush and let him play whatever he thinks of. Musically Longo has had experience with various styles as he used to play the guitar in a punk squad called Smegma and he’s even been a bassist for some time trying to put some pulse into stage performances of a blues-rock cover band    „ GoMachine”. Just like Kiel he works as a vet.

Tomasz “Dlugi” Krawczyk (drums). His interest in playing metal started in 1990 that means in ancient times. A co-founder of one of Lublin’s first death metal bands Sannyasin with whom he played many gigs alongside such 1990’s stars as Kat, Vader or Pandemonium. They also had their time at famous Jarocin Festival in 1993. After the band split up in 1997 Dlugi had an almost 10 year break from playing until  2006 he co-founded another black-death group „Enthymion” where the members’ work resulted in recording „Arcana of Apocalypse” LP in 2007 released by More Hate Productions two years later. In the same „Dlugi” joined Setheist.

Blazej “Blaze” Grygiel (bass). Active since 1999, have played in various bands including Hekatomba, Exlibris, Joy Machine, Hellectricity.  Since 2015 a member of Crystal Viper. Apart from playing the bass guitar he explores different musical worlds in new retro project SS Synthasm and rock’n’roll Grüzz. But this isn’t his last word. Being a workaholic he constantly involves himself in new projects. Works as a journalist, voice-over and lyricist.


set kel 2
picture by Kelly Thans

 Fulltime musicians or not?

The band members of Setheist are not full time musicians. Unfortunately not they say. They all have to work because playing metal is not profitable in Poland. Even if your band is really good. Only the biggest ones can make their living making and playing music.

The music

Generally, music performed by Setheist could be described as female fronted metal offering a well-balanced combination of unpredictable, progressive riffs and ear-caching melodies accompanied by aggressive drums and stand-alone clean vocal lines occasionally turning into screaming or growling.


Setheist released the EP “The Flash of Creation” in 2014. The EP has 4 tracks on it. In 2017 they released the album “They”. This album has 9 tracks on it. The cover art was done by “Maxi”.

The album got a lot of enthusiastic reviews:

„The album „They” is really well done” Top Guitar 8/2017

„Setheist’s first LP is a release worth recommending (…) The album as a whole can be summarized as a very promising debut” Heavy Metal Pages  29.05.2017

„„They” is a really good set of catchy heavy metal/hardrock songs (…) Setheist have their own sound and one can see they feel comfortable with it” Kvlt, 18.07.2017

Favorite bands and bands  they want to perform with

Death, Grip Inc., Killswich Engage, Slayer, The agonist and many more as each of the band members has their own preference, which is good because having various inspirations makes our music quite diverse.

They would like to join the European tour some of the famous Female fronted headliners such as Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Jinjer, etc. A great thing would also be to get a chance to perform alongside Waldemar Sorychta’s new project  “Mandrah” as their music seems to mach our stuff pretty well.

set 1 wen
picture by Wendy Steenmans

The future

The band is working on new songs for the second album that will be recorded early 2019. And it will be preceded by two videoclips. One for the song “Swines” (from the album “They”) and the second one will be a new song. They will use them to promote the new album.

And they will gave as many shows around European countries as possible.


They  think it’s a great idea to focus on promoting female metal bands especially that in our home country of Poland this genre seems to be depreciated as the new wave of black metal has dominated the scene in recent years. Nevertheless, there are many fans of female metal around Europe and such festivals as FemME create a great chance for them to get to know new bands and also to integrate the scene on an international level as many great friendships get started during FemME shows.

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