Writing about music!

I promised you to tell why I’m doing this. And by doing this I mean writing about music, most about heavy music and also writing about bands which are not world-famous (yet). And of course some other things which have to do with music.

Music has always be something I followed with great interest, so that’s not new. What’s completely new is how  I live, do and see things. And that’s because of something that has change my life.

I hear people say that are youngsters are lazy, don’t know nothing about life and are not always willing to work. Maybe some of them are but I also know a lot of them which are very busy and have a dream they follow. They try to do everything to reach their goals and are always busy with it. And I know someone who had such a dream. Worked hard for it and even in his holidays so he could save money to get the equipment he needed. And when he had it al together…..something bad happened and the dream was gone. I can’t tell the details because I promised but our world was complete upside down.

Things go much better now but the dream is gone and will never come back. Our life is going back to normal again but a lot different than it was years ago. I don’t care about a lot of things any more. I’m grateful for every day we have and have learned a lot.

And one of the things I had to do for myself was to find a way to go on with my life. And writing was helping me a lot. In the beginning just a little paper for my colleagues. But later music got more and more important. First little concert reviews and now a website and FB page and freelance writing Artiesten Nieuws. But I had always the intention to do something for people who had also a dream. I would help them. Because I know how important It is to give it a go and to never give up. Believe in the things you will do. But what can I do? I’m not a talented musician who can help, I’m not a millionaire how can donate lots of money. I have no record company or so. I only have my laptop and my passion for writing and music.So the only thing I can do is a little writing and to try to give them some attention. It’s not much but at the moment the only.  Doing this helps me a lot. Sounds strange perhaps but it’s for me just the way to feel good so to say. Trying to do something for people who still have the opportunity the reach their goals. And sometimes it’s not easy and I now that I sometimes react not the most tactful way. But I want people to be honest and just enjoy the easy way of life. Why doing difficult? Enjoy, just like me, every single day. Be glad with the things you have and don’t look to others. Believe me, things are often a lot different then you think. And please remember, every one can lost the dream in just a few days, hours or even seconds. So be grateful and be honest to each other and with the things you do and have. And work hard as you want to reach something in life. But always believe in it and never give up! Maybe this whole story sounds strange, are there many questions or maybe you even thing he’s out of his mind. Al of your thoughts can and may be right. But I just had to need to do this. It’s something I had to do much earlier perhaps. But believe me, it’s not easy. Thanks.

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  1. For people who can read between the lines and know a little bit about you, the story is pretty clear. Keep up the good work, my friend, don’t waste energy on people or things that in the end are not worth the attention. Hard lessons, true, but never ever change the man you are !!


    1. Thanks mate! And I also know that you are familiar with the situation. And I have learned a lot the last year and yes, sometimes it’s not easy, but I will always stay the man I am now. Thanks again!!


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