Mir zur Feier


Mir zur Feier, named after a poetry collection from Rainer Maria Rilke, is a German death metal band. They bring their lyrics inspired by those poems with hard metal riffs, a lot of energy and power on stage. Mara as frontwomen knows how to touch you with her intensive growls and performance.
This band will for sure leave an impression. Definitely something you don’t want to miss!!

collage by Emily van Velzen


The band Mir zur Feier is founded in 2009 by Mara and Leo. The name of the band is very special. Mir zur Feier is a concept band. That means that all the lyrics are poems written by the famous poet Rainer Maria Rilke. This poet lived from 1875 till 1926. And Mir zur Feier is just the title of one of his books.

And like every book has this one also a literal translation. It really means “Me to the celebration”. It’s about celebrating yourself and being alive.

The idea to use the poems and the suggestion to use Mir zur Feier as the name for the band came from Mara. They are all happy with the name but they also know it’s quite unusual for a death metal band.

Video by Marleo Video

So the band was founded in 2009. And after  a few changes in the line-up, Rene and Daniel joined the band in 2011. At that time they had two guitarists, but it didn’t work out that way. So they decided to try it with just one guitarist somewhere around 2013. So with the current line-up the band has been around for about five years.

wen 2  wen 1

Pictures by Wendy Steenmans

The band members

Mara Bach – vocals

Daniel Vorkamp – guitars

Leo Bromser – bass

Rene Meistrell – drums

Non of the band members  is professional musician. Mara is in het last semester of her psychology studies and works as a lecturer for research methods. Leo works as a male nurse. Daniel is teacher and Rene works as a pedagogue in a children’s hospice.


The music

The music of Mir zur Feier is (as they describe it) Death Metal of the 90s (In Flames, Dismember, Entombed), US-Thrash Metal (Pantera, Machine Head, Slipknot), modern Black- and Post Metal (Behemoth) and a pinch of Rammstein.

And all of this with a female singer!

kel 2   kel 1

Pictures by Kelly Thans


Mir zur Feier released two EP’s so far. The first one ,called “Erste Elegie”, was released 2013, still with the old line-up with two guitarists. It was the first time the band recorded something and it was anything than smooth, rather chaotic. But it was an important learning experience and they still play one of the songs ,“Was wirst du tun”, live. The second EP “Ein Streifen Wirklichkeit” (released 2017) was a big step forward, it was their first time in a “real” studio (Tonmeisterei in Oldenbourg, Germany) and they put a lot of energy in the preparation for recording. The effort was totally worth it, and they were really happy with the result. Pretty unique for this EP is that if you buy it from them, you don’t get a CD but a package that includes a download code, a sticker, a double-sided printed poster and a patch. Now they are looking forward to going back to the studio this fall to record their first album.



The FemME-Batlles are the best experience at the beginning!  It’s extremely well organized, but it’s especially the atmosphere which we love. We’ve already met so many wonderful people that we are already really happy to have taken part of it, regardless of whether we can yes or no ultimately play at the FemME.

But of course we would be more than thrilled if we actually got the chance!


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