Energetic power metal! Thats wat Seraphiel will bring to you. Nitte Valo ( ex Battle Beast) and the other bandmembers know what that means. Raw vocals, powerfull drums and guitars with a melodic touch from the keyboard. A musicwar is coming. Do you surrender?

collage: Emily van Velzen



Seraphiel was founded in 2006. The name Seraphiel has something religious (alto the band has no religious bounds or agenda).

Seraphiel is an archangel and the leader of the Seraphim according to the ancient book of Enoch. The name sounded cool although the band has no religious bonds, like they told us already.

Seraphiel is described to be beautiful as lightning and the light of the morning star, like all the band members are, of course!


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Kelly Thans Photography
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Kelly Thans Photography

Band members

The band Seraphiel has 6 band members. They are:

Nite Valo – vocals

Pekka Posio – guitars

Erik Halonen – guitars

Vili Itapelto – keyboards

Jarno Luopa – bass

Pertti Patsi – drums

All of them are very experienced and exceptionally masters in playing their instruments. Some of them are self-taught and some have studied at various musical institutions.

Most of the band members have also a normal day job and are no full time musicians. Only Vili (keyboards) is a full time musician. But all the band members do also music related things other than with the band.

Video: Marleo Video

The music

We always joke about playing “super power metal”. But it’s not quite power metal but the band always had strong roots in that kind of music. But our music it’s definitely energetic  and melodic, fast and furious.


The band has released 3 EP’s so far, but not a full album yet. They are planning to release a full album in the future.

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wen 1

Favorite bands

We have all our own favorite bands. Most of them are metal of course. Bands that have previously influenced the music of Seraphiel are for example Twilightning, Dragonforce and Children of Bodom

And sure there are bands we want to perform with. Any band that likes to play kickass music and rock on!

The future

We are currently doing gigs, working on releasing singles and looking for a record label. We have a lot of unreleased material.

And we are constantly working on new stuff.


We have enjoyed the opportunity to play abroad, even though the costs are what they are. It has been a lot of fun so far!


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