Female Metal Event FemME 2018

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The Female Metal event FemME 2018 at the city of Eindhoven. This event is coming closer and the lineup is ready. Four days of music, a wonderful experience.

Starting with a PREAPARTY the 11th of October at Altstadt.

Hell City, Caterina Nix, Ann my Guard and Phantom Elite

Time: 19.00 – 23.45



Friday 13 October Dynamo (2 stages), first band 14.30

Asrai, Cartagena, Crysalys, Hydra Official, Masqued, Mir zur Feier,, Souldrinker, soundsof September and Talvienkeli.

Collage Emily van Velzen

Saturday 14 October Dynamo (2 stages), first band 14.30

Autumm, Beyond the Black, Cellar Darling, Chrysilia, Enemy of Reality Official, MartYruiM (Malta), Meden Agan, Project Renegade and Spoil Engine.


Collage Emily van Velzen

Sunday 14 October POPEI, first band 14.00

Ann my Guard,  Leecher, Lesoir and Marcela Bovio.

Collage Emily van Velzen

Tickets are available @ http://nuppel.com/category/tickets/

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