When I saw the poster of the ‘Female Metal Voices Tour 2018’ I knew one thing for sure, I will go there. So I bought me a ticket. I had the choice to see them at Willemeen (Arnhem) or Biebob (Vosselaar). And because I already planned another concert the day they are in Arnhem I decided to go to Vosselaar.

I wanted to see Kobra again, Skarlett Riot and Butcher Babies. Martyrium is also a very nice band and there is IGNEA.

When I saw the name IGNEA I knew that I heard a song of them some time ago, but I couldn’t remember which one it was. So I started YouTube (my best friend when I’m searching for songs or bands) and I found them.

The song I was listening to was ‘ALGA’. But I wasn’t sure that this was the band I heard some time ago. The video showed  a symphonic orchestra and not the band I had in mind. But after exactly 1.53 minutes…..o yes….IGNEA. I knew it for sure that this was the band I was looking for. And I also remembered the first song I heard of them, ‘Seytanu Akbar’.

And now I think it’s time to introduce you to this band from Kiev, Ukraine.


The band started in 2013 but not as IGNEA. The band started under the name PARALLAX. And in 2015 they changed it into IGNEA. For so far they already released on EP (Sputnik) and a single (Petrichor).

picture: Youtube

One of the first songs they realeased as IGNEA was ALGA, the song I told you about in the introduction. It was not even the intention to use this material for a video but I seems that people all over the world liked it very much. The video gathered, so far, over 3 million views on YouTube. And it shows how popular this song is.

The band started playing oriental metal as they call it but they changed more and more to a much heavier sound. Lot’s of growls and heavy guitars. But their music keeps melodic fundamentals as you can hear when you listen to their songs.

The band released a full-length album and is touring around the world for promoting the album. And in October they come to Holland and Belgium. But I will tell you more about the tour further on.


IGNEA has five band members. They are:

Helle Bogdanova (vocals)

Evgeny Zhytnnyuk (keyboards)

Dmitri Vinnichenko (guitars)

Xander Kamyshin (bass)

Ivan Kholmogorov (drums)

band 2
picture; YouTube


It’s easy to tell about their music by writing what I can find in other articles and reviews. But I rather tell you what I think about the music of IGNEA.

Like I told you before, I didn’t know them very well. Just the two songs I told you about were enough to keep me interested. I like metal, power metal and symphonic metal the most. And these two kinds of metal I hear in the music of IGNEA. Maybe there are people who have another idea about that but that’s what I think. And is it important? I don’t think so. You like it because it sounds great and not because you can give it a name.

I love this music. The way the instruments sounds and I love the voice of Helle. Her growling and her clear voice are really great. And it gives the band their own sound I think. Now I heard a lot of other songs and I’m even more enthusiastic.

Best song for me is ‘Seytanu Akbar’. And it’s a song with a message. And because this message is so important I will tell you what the band says about it:

What we want to say is that there is no reasonable cause to kill other people, be it the regime, faith or moral principles. We mainly speak about Islamic terrorism in this song, as one of the social plagues of the 21st century, taking lots of innocent lives. However, this applies to every human on Earth, regardless of their religion”. (source: website IGNEA).

But if you want to know how they sound and to find out if I’m right about their music just look them up and listen for yourself. I’m sure you like it also.

band 3
picture: YouTube


Sputnik (EP)


The sign of Faith (CD)


Queen Dies (new single)

Lot of music video’s




If your interested in this marvelous band you can see and hear them this October in both The Netherlands and Belgium. They are here on the “FEMALE METAL VOICES TOUR 2018”. Together with Butcher Babies, Kobra and the Lotus, Skarlett Riot and Martyrium. I think a show you must see if you love this kind of music

20 October : Willemeen Arnhem (info and tickets: https://www.willemeen.nl/)

21 October: Biebob Vosselaar (info and tickets: https://www.biebob.be/events/the-female-metal-voices-tour-2018/)


More information about IGNEA you can find here:



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