The progressive metal band Scarlet Stories is having a crowdfunding party at Saturday the 20th October. This party is taking place at the  ‘Little Devil Bar’ in Tilburg. The purpose of this crowdfunding is to collect money to realize their first full length album.

The band was established is 2010 by Lisette van den Berg and Bram te Kamp. They decided to make music together, but first only in an acoustic setting. The two were influenced by progressive metal and they made melancholic, acoustic stories out of it.
But in 2012, the step is taken to translate their music for full band coverage. And that is how the current band is formed. The band has the following band members:

Lisette van den Berg (vocals)

Bram te Kamp (acoustic) guitar

Tim Kuper (drums)

Carmen Raats (guitar)

Maarten Grimm (bass)

foto 2
(picture: presskit Scarlet Stories)

In 2012 Lisette and Bram released the EP ‘Scarlet Stories’. A great success because press and audience were very enthusiastic about it. In 2015 the band released the EP ‘Ressurection’ with i s a bit heavier than the first one.

And now it’s time for their first full length album. The band is working very hard to realize this album. They work together with Joost van den Broek (Sandlane Recording Facilities). The first single and video are ready, ‘Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers’

So on Saturday the 20th October they will have their Kickoff Party. The entrance is free but it would be nice to donate something. It’s a crowdfunding party, so please let them know you like them and their music.

The program that evening will be a special one. They will play both an acoustic programma as a full band program. And as a visitor you will be the first one to hear ‘Vingt Lieues Sous les Mers’ and some other tracks of the new album.

So come to Tilburg and show your support to this marvelous band.


Here are the details again:

Scarlet Stories Crowdfunding Kickoff Party

Saturday 20th  october 2018 van 20.00 – 03.00 hour

Little Devil Bar

Stationsstraat 27

5038 EA Tilburg

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