Scarlet Stories at the Little Devil Bar


At Saturday 20th October the band Scarlet Stories started their crowdfunding campaign at the Little Devil Bar in Tilburg, the hometown of this band. With this crowdfunding to band hopes to raise enough money to record a full length album. The tracks are already written so they are ready to put them on an album.

foto 2
(picture website Scarlet Stories)

The Little Devil Bar is an really old school metal/hard rock pub. So it’s the ideal venue to start this campaign. The same day the band launched a special website for the crowdfunding. So people can see and read how they can support the band.

The link to this website:

Acoustic session

The evening started with an acoustic session. It’s was the second time I had the opportunity to hear them acoustic. And it sounded great again. Lisette and Bram took us with them on this marvelous  acoustic journey. And they showed again that they are capable to play different styles of music. With the vocals of Lisette and the guitar of Bram they did great.  And of course I have to mention the support of Sophie (playing the violin).

DSC_0034             DSC_0052

New Video

After a short break the band showed us the video of the track ‘ Vingt mille lieues sous les mers’. The title of the song is from the famous book by Jules Verne. And I must say it’s a very nice video. It’s not the shortest one, it’s more than 12 minutes but never boring. It shows exactly what this band is capable of. Today (October 21th) the video is available for readers of the newsletter of the band. Tomorrow everyone can watch it.

“We present you our new video”
Available tomorrow!


Full concert

After showing the video the band played a full show with the whole band. With some of the new songs and some older ones they did great. It’s really nice to see and hear them play. The music is a bit mystic and full of surprises. Never boring and of high quality. But the best way to find this out is to listen to them for yourself.

DSC_0069 DSC_0077

It was a great evening and a great start of the crowdfunding campaign. So let’s hope that they reach their goals so they can record their full length album. I think we have to support this very talented Dutch band. And please visit their crowdfunding website and help them.


More information:

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