Ann my Guard


The band Ann my Guard is established in 2007 and comes from Hungary. The band was formed by frontwoman Eszter Anna Baumann. It was a bit of a struggle the first years but in 2010 they released an EP which gave them some popularity in their homeland.

When they released their first full length album they became more popular around the world. And now in 2018 they released again a full length album, ‘Moira’

(picture Harrie de Haas)

The band

Eszter Anna Baumann – vocals, bass

Krisztian Varga – guitars

Benjamin Barkanvi – guitars

Norbert Tobola – drums

(picture EPK Ann my Guard)


Innocence Descent (2014/2015)

Ourania (2017)

Moira (2018)

(cover EPK Ann my Guard)

FemME Metal Event 2018

For me Ann my Guard was complete unknown until the FemME Metal Event. Just before the event I had the opportunity to listen to their latest album ‘Moira’ (thanks painted Bass Records). And I was surprised. What a great album it is. And if you have the opportunity to see this band, even twice, you can imagine how happy I was.

(picture Harrie de Haas)

The first gig was at Altstadt in Eindhoven. And I must say that Ann my Guard is a band you have to see and hear on stage. They are live as good as on the album and maybe even better. The music sounds great and with the beautiful voice of Eszter it’s a just some kind of experience you never had before. The music is just mystic and full of surprises. I loved it very much.

The second gig was at Popei, also in Eindhoven. This time it was an acoustic session. But for me it was again a great experience. When I got outside I had tears in my eyes. It was so intense that it gave me goosebumps when they were playing. Some kind of magic is in their songs.

So I’m a happy men now I know about this band and I hope the come to our country again s soon as possible. Sometimes you discover something new and are in love with it for sure. And so it is with the music of Ann my Guard.


‘Moira’ is the third full length album of the band and is released  11th October (at Altstadt during the Pre-Party of the FemME Metal Event 2018).

It’s not easy to tell what kind of music it is. Sometimes it’s metal but also pop. The use of different instruments like acoustic guitars cello, and flute gives the album something special. There is a lot of  variety in the tracks. So there is a real ballad (‘Rooseblood’) and even an instrumental track (‘Metera’).

The title of the album ‘Moira’ is something from the Greek mythology and that’s exactly the atmosphere you can hear through the whole album. Listen to the tracks ‘Scared 1’  and ‘Echo’ and you know exactly what I mean.

The last track of the album ‘Morpheus’ (8.35 time) is for me what Ann my Guard stands for. A magnificient band.

Rating for the album 85/100.

(Bron: Ann my Guard, Painted Bass Records).

Thanks to:

Painted Bass Records

Ann my Guard


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