Days of Jupiter – Panoptical

The Swedish band ‘Days of Jupiter’ released their 4th full length album ‘Panoptical’ the 26th October. The album is recorded at the ‘Leon Music Studios’ and released by ‘Metalville Records’ . And managed by ‘Kingart Music Management’.

(picture: presskit Days of Jupiter)

So far the official dates. Let’s see what I can tell you about this new album. I have to tell you that ‘Days of Jupiter’ is a band I never heard of before. Shame on me you would say and I think you’re right about that.  But before I will tell something about the album let me introduce the band to you.

The band ‘Days of Jupiter’ was formed in 2010. And when I read about them it must be a heavy metal/metal band. With influences from both American as European metal.

The band members are;

Jan Hilli (vocals)

Johnny Grenwald (guitar)

Magnus Larsson (drums)

Janne Karlsson (bass)

Marcus Lindman (guitar)

(picture: presskit days of Jupiter)

The band already released three other albums: ‘Secrets brought to life’(2013), ‘Only ashes remains’(2015) and ‘New awakening’(2017).

And now the album ‘Panoptical’. I already listened to the songs ‘Why’ and ‘We all die young’. The moment I heard this two songs I knew for sure this is a band I’m gonna like. They sound great and it’s something new. I think they created their own sound. And yes I can hear the influences of some bands but I don’t think they sound like any other. And if you listen to lots of music you can always find something that sounds like other band. But again, ‘Days of Jupiter’ created their own sound.


The album contains 12 tracks. Most of the songs are fast and heavy with very nice guitar riffs and a dark bass. Singer Jan Hilli has a wonderful voice that matches exactly with the kind of music they play.

Are there some tracks that I have to mention? Sure there are some. Of course the two tracks which are already released before. ‘Why’ and ‘We all die young’, but for me is ‘Swallow’ the song that shows exactly where this band stands for. A nice intro and then wow……those guitars…’s really one of the best songs I listened to this year.

‘Black hole’ is something complete different. A very nice mystic acoustic ballad. And in this song Jan Hilli shows us what he is capable of. What a voice he has. Lyrics that takes you from the first sentence. And with this song ‘Days of Jupiter’ shows us that it’s not only metal they can play. And the same I can tell about ‘Shallow Site’. This track is also a bit different. But that makes the album just the way it is. It’s never boring this way.

Tracks like ‘Edge of everything’, ‘Nine ton of lies’ and ‘Thieves and legends’ are songs that reach also the highest level.

It’s a great album and again I’m impressed. I will listen to it again and again and I hope that someday I have the opportunity to see this band in our country. I’m sure lots of people in Holland will like them also.

The rating: 90/100  



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