The combination ‘Logical Terror’ and ‘Almost Human’ is not the most common I presume. But when I tell you that’s only the name of a band and one of their albums it’s sounds more logical I think.

‘Logical Terror’ is a metal band from Modena (Italy). And I had the opportunity to interview them. So read al about this band and the story behind their albums ‘Ashes of Fate’,  ‘Almost Human’ and the single track ‘Nightmare’ which they released just a few days ago.

Julius was so kind to answer my questions.

First of all thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to do this interview. So let’s start by the beginning. Can you tell me when the band was established?

The band was born in 2008. A few guys which were playing in different local bands and projects joined forces and started this project. And during the years it gets to the actual line-up. So the band exists 10 years now.

The band is called ‘Logical Terror’. Who came up with this name and what does it mean?

It’s a bit weird maybe, but the moniker was chosen to incarnate the logical reaction of listeners, so a pleasant terror effect by listening to our music influenced by electronic sequences. Mixed with heavy cutting guitars and different tunes of vocals.

Can you tell me something about yourself and the other bandmembers? Which instruments do they play and which musical background do they have.

Emiliano (Gozzi) and I (Julius Morse Sic) are in the band from the beginning and do both the vocals. And we also manage all vocals and lyrics for ‘Logical Terror’. We’re getting inspired from the heavy metal scene since the 90’s from bands like ‘Pantera’, ‘Testament’, ‘Fear Factory’ etc.

The new guys came from a more contemporary background, influenced by modern progressive, djent and death metal. So we have Claudio (Corvo Mulas) and Simone (Clementi) on the guitars. They use 8 strings guitars. And we have Warren (Gnudi) on the drums.

Logical Terror_Promo B
picture: presskit Logical Terror

Are you fulltime musicians?

Not all of us. Right now only Claudio has his own recording studio. And Simone is a fulltime musician and guitar teacher.

Are there bandmembers in other bands playing to?

Claudio and Warren play together in the prog/death metal band ‘Ever Frost’. And Emi is guitar player in the band ‘Panni Sporchi’. Simone usually joins many small acoustic duo’s or trio’s as a session musician. I (Julius) am the only one who is focused only on ‘Logical Terror’.

album cover : Almost Human

How would you like to describe or call your music? Is there a particular style?

That’s a very hard question to answer. It’s difficult to find a ‘label’ or genre for our sound.  We are influenced by many bands and styles and now we are moving towards a new direction. So maybe the best, actual definition, is progressive/ modern metal.

You already told me that you and Emiliano  manage the vocals and lyrics. Can you tell me something more about the composing process?

Usually Claudio is the main song writer. But we work together and later we work together with external producers to improve our own stuff and to have a different point of view also. Because you know, when you are working and only focused on your own idea it’s easy to miss some things or see or hear what’s wrong and can be done better.

Which other bands do you like also? And is your music influenced by them?

We like to listen to a lot of music and other bands. Ans there are many of them that inspired our sound. And I’m sure you can find different influences. But we don’t prefer saying who’s similar to us. Because our goal is to make something that’s our own sound above something else.

You’re from Italy. Can you tell us something about the metal scene in Italy?

The metal scene in Italy is ‘busy’ I can say. There are a lot of metal bands at the moment. Some of them reached  a cool consideration around the world now. But it’s hard for small clubs and venues to stay alive. I hope that the people will start to come back to support underground bands and underground concerts. And so give us a real change to spread our name and music. Actually the difference between virtual results and the real one is so bad.

Can you tell us something about your albums?

Until now we have released two albums. The first one is called ‘Almost Human’ and it sounds more electronic and with a stronger nu-metal attitude than ‘Ashes of Fate’, our second release. This second one sings the evolution of our songwriting.

The concepts are different, they are two stories based on a futuristic vision of human disorder (on ‘Almost Human’). And another one concerning the actual degeneration of mankind and the world we abuse. So it’s about what we can expect in our near fate (as the ‘Ashes of Fate’ lyrics explain).

album cover: Ashes of Fate

What can you tell us about the new song? Is there a message?

The new song is the first unpublished stuff coming after ‘Ashes of Fate’ (2016). We wrote this song with a part of the new line-up. And we are very excited to release it  and to find out how people will react. We want to see people’s reactions to the new stuff, it’s a first step towards the upcoming new full length album. But we are still working on other different songs that will sound a bit different from this one.

As usual we don’t play plan to have similar tracks, we like to experiment and it’s time for something more heavier too.

The message in ‘Nightmare’ is a concept based on an inner fight between humans and all the distress and viral bad actions going on against our home and our life. Sometimes it’s like everything happens inside a pattern decided by others, where nightmares, ghosts and virtual fears become real and even part of us.

Is there going to be a tour after releasing the song?

Of course! We want to perform some shows supporting the new track. So maybe not a full tour, but some promotional gigs we will do.


New Track Cover - Nightmare (1)
cover: Nightmare


Talking about gigs, what was the most remarkable so far?

I can say that for now it was the opening show for ‘Arch Enemy’. They played here in Italy a few years ago when Angela performed her last tour with the band. The venue was almost sold out. It’s one of the best venues we have played in, with a large crowd in front of us.

So you have played with ‘Arch Enemy’. Are there other bands you played with so far?

We have not exactly toured with bands, but we had the honor to open and support some main acts like ‘Soilwork’, ‘Darkane’, ‘Engel’, ‘Sepultura’, ‘Primal Fear’, ‘Mnemic’ , ‘Raunchy’, ‘Jinjer’ and like I already told you ‘Arch Enemy’.

If you get the opportunity are there bands you want to go on tour with?

Now I can give you an endless answer. Hahaha…we hope to get more opportunities to share shows with big acts and we hope to play more gigs as well. Playing on an open air festival would be a cool opportunity to meet people and build new relationships with artists or fans.

How important are fans for you?

Our fans are very important for us. Without them we can’t find the inspiration to go on writing new songs, booking new shows etc. They are like fire to us, our drive to improve more and more.

Which country has the ‘best’ fans?

That’s difficult to say because we haven’t play in a lot of countries so far. But we hope to reach new places and find out where we can find the best fans. But it’s more important to have fans everywhere I think.

Are there plans for the future?

We are first looking at the near future for the moment. We are planning to release one or two more brand-new songs to anticipate the next full-length album. We will also play more live shows as possible and promote our new music on the road.

Is there anything else you want or can tell us what’s important and I forgot to ask you?

First I will say thank you. It’s been a pleasure to talk about our project and our music with you. And we invite all the readers to listen to our new and old stuff. And if they like it to follow us on our social media. Stay tuned with our news and posts, interact with us. You all are very welcome!

Thank you Julius. It was a pleasure talking with you.





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