It must have been about one year ago that I wrote an article about the Italian band ‘Secret Rule’. I found them on YouTube and I liked their music a lot. I found out that they had a gig in Vosselaar (Belgium) so for me the opportunity to hear them live.

This year I already saw them 3 times. Not only in Vosselaar but also in Eindhoven (FemME) and Gorinchem. And in Gorinchem they told me about their new album, ‘The 7 Endless’. There was not enough time to ask them all the things I want to know so u decided to ask them about it when they were back in Italy. And Angela and Andy answered my questions. And of course I’m most grateful to them for answering the questions.


But before starting with the interview let me tell you a few thing about the band. Like I told you before, ‘Secret Rule’ is from Italy and was founded in 2014. The bandmembers are:

Angela di Vincenzo – Vocals

Andy Menario – Guitars

Nicola Corrente – Drums

Michele Raspanti – Bass

The album ‘The 7 Endless’ is the 4th and before this one they already released ‘Transposed Emotions’ (2015), ‘Machination’ (2016) and ‘The key to the world’ (2017).

trans    mach    key

So let’s find what they can tell us about the new album.

The album is about a comic book written by ‘Neil Gaiman’. Why did you choose for this book? Is it special?

(Angela). I really love comic books and this one, ‘The Sandman’, is one of my favorite. I’ve always had special connections with my dreams, they are part of me. They have the power to bring me into another life, into a different world. I saw extraordinary things in my dreams and I can’t ignore them.

But in this album I didn’t talk about the comic’s plot, but about the ‘7 Endless’. They are special characters created by ‘Neil Gaiman’ to rule different human aspect. These ‘7 Endless’ are ‘Dream’, ‘Death’, ‘Delirium’, ‘Desperation’, ‘Destruction’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Destiny’. All these entities are strongly related to all of us. So I wanted to write a tale about a girl who meets them in her life path and they make her deeply different.

You just told us it’s a comic book. Can we find it back in the music that it’s about a comic book, because most of the ‘7 Endless’ are very serious subjects?

(Angela). A comic book is not a book just for children. I read a lot of comic books which are very serious. They sometimes deal with hard themes. For example ‘Maus’, written by ‘Art Spiegelman’, an autobiography  about a man who interviews his father who survived ‘Auschwitz’. And ‘Rughe’, written by ‘Paco Roca’, a comic book about an old man with Alzheimer.

All comic books are about super hero’s but they actually hide a deep analysis on human weaknesses.


Is there a message in the album, something you want to tell us?

(Angela). We want to hold our listeners hands and bring them in a twist of emotions. And so to come at the end with a new light and the aim to face life with strength and positive energy. There will be always the sun after a storm.

I talked with you after your performance in Gorinchem an d you told me that this album is heavier than the other ones. Is there a reason why you choose for more heavier music?

(Andy). The is not a particular reason. Like on our previous albums, we make music we like. And this time we were a little bit ‘angrier’. Actually, I think we wanted to do something heavier, with different rhythms and a heavier hint.  And I’m sure we will have a lot of fun playing this album live on stage.

I count 11 songs on the album but there are only ‘7 Endless’. Where are the other songs about?

(Angela). As I told you, I tell a story about a girl and her path. She is going to meet the ‘7 Endless’ more than once. For example, we might be desperate more than once in our life……

Which of the the 11 songs is your most favorite?

(Angela). I love all the songs but I think ‘Alone’ is my favorite one. It has something special for me.

Will there be a promotion tour after releasing the album? And if there is one, will you come to Holland?

(Andy). Sure! Our management is working on it because we want a big tour to promote the album. We can’t wait to play the new songs live. And it would be great to come back to Holland. Even when it’s not easy to book a gig in your country, that’s what our manager told us. But we hope to come back in the places we have been before and, above all, to play in new cities and countries.

So far about the new album. But there are some other things I want to ask you if that’s alright?

(Angela and Andy). Sure!

Secret Rule is a metal band. But are there other kinds of music you like?

(Angela). O yes, when I was younger I used to listen to Italian pop music. (Andy). And I loved opera and disco music of the 80’s. We all have a different musical background.

Are you influenced by other bands?

(Andy). Yes I think so. We are the result of listening to a billion minutes of music. But I can’t tell you if there are maybe one of two bands who inspired us. It would be to reductive. I can say we have metal influences from the 80’s, industrial metal, pop melodies and modern rhythms. So the mix of a lot of musical influences.

I saw in an article you told the people that metal fans are the best fans in the world. Can you tell us why?

(Andy). Sure! Metal fans are true, faithful, sensitive and very kind. And most metal fans are friends with each other. The are just one big family.

picture: Secret Rule

You have been playing in Holland twice within a few weeks. With of the two gigs did you like most, FemME or Gorinchem?

(Andy). They were both different. But both have been great. It was our first time at ‘FemME’, a great event with a fantastic atmosphere. A lot of people who love female-fronted metal bands, it was really cool. In Gorinchem we had a headliner show. We always have a strong commitment with people who come to our shows. We want to give them everything we can. It’s always important to create an atmosphere full of energy. People who like this kind of music deserve all the best when we are doing a live show.

What do you think about the Dutch fans?

(Andy). I still don’t know the Dutch fans very well. We only played a few times in Holland. We need more time to discover the skills of Dutch people. I’m really curious, so I want to see a lot of people at our next shoes in Holland. In the meantime I can say that I love Dutch people and Dutch cities.

Is there something you want to say to the Dutch fans?

(Angela). Check out our crowdfunding campaign at:

Where you can listen to the new single ‘The Endless’ and find a lot of exclusive perks we created just for you. E can’t wait to play the new songs live and it would be great to meet you at the next shows in Holland. So see you there!!

Thank you Angela and Andy for answering my questions. I wish you and the other band members lot’s of success with this new album and I hope to see you soon in Holland.

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