I always thought that I knew all kinds of metal that exist in the world. But I found out that there is just one kind I didn’t know, ‘DüsterMetal’. And the band that’s playing this kind of music is ‘DüsterLust’. And curious as always….I want to know more about them.

So I asked the band if they had time to answer some questions so we can learn more about them. Regina Beatrix, singer of the band answered the questions. Thank you so much Regina.

DüsterLust (picture: Torsten Reitz)

Regina can you tell me when the band was established?

The band started in 2010 as a studio project launched by Heiko and Philip. January 2014 I joined them and we started to record the first album.

The band is called ‘DüsterLust’ and your music is called ‘DüsterMetal’. Now I’m very curious about the name. What does it mean?

The former band-name was ‘Dark Desire’. But in May 2015 a lawyer wrote us that the ‘Dark Desire’ was trademarked. So we had to withdraw our first album from sale and take down our whole internet presence.


After that we came up with a lot of different and partly crazy ideas for a new band-name, until we had the simple idea for ‘DüsterLust’ as an approximate translation of our old band-name.

DuesterLust-Band_Live Torsten Reitz
DüsterLust (picture: Torsten Reitz)

You already mentioned Heiko and Philip, can you introduced the band members and yourself to us?

Heiko is our guitar player and bassist. Philip is our drummer and he adds the dark growls to the ‘DüsterLust’ songs. Both do also the orchestral arrangements for our songs.

Heiko learned various instruments like keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars as well as bass guitar. He played in several rock bands and acoustic groups.

Philip learned to play keyboards, piano and his main instrument drums. He played in a school-band and thereafter directly in ‘DüsterLust’. He is as well a teacher for drums and keyboard.

And my name is Regina Beatrix, I am a lyric soprano and the lead singer of the band. I started my musical education with violin lessons at the age of 6. Later I learned mandolin in addition and played in several plucked string orchestras. In the year 2002 I discovered my affection for metal. I always loved to sing ever since I was a small girl. But almost to late in the year 2007 I decided to take private singing lessons having the eager goal to become the of a metal-band.

Regina (picture: Torsten Reitz)

So you are all very busy with music. Are you full-time musicians or do you have other jobs also?

Philip is the only full-time musician in our band, he gives drum lessons. Heiko and me are semi-professionals, we both have other non-musically jobs besides the band.

And are you playing in other bands too?

No we are not. We all want to fully concentrate on this band-project and put all our energy into it.

You know that the band got my attention because you call your music ‘DüsterMetal’. Can you tell me what ‘DüsterMetal’ is and how it sounds?

I will try. We always say we make diversified and unique music called ‘DüsterMetal’.  It’s difficult to reduce our music to one specific style. We have our own sound with a lot of different influences. We just love to take our listeners on a fantastic journey through the abysses of mankind, to challenge and surprise them at the same time. Tell me which music and metal styles can you hear in our music?

Heiko (picture: Torsten Reitz)

It’s a difficult question you ask me. I think your right about what you are telling us about your style of music, It’s unique. And who is responsible for it, I mean who is responsible for the lyrics and the music?

We write the songs all together, both music and lyrics.

Which other bands do you like? And have they influenced your music in a particular way?

We all listen to a lot of different metal-styles and other music genres. I believe that everything we have heard and experienced in our lives influences our music and lyrics.

But this is a small selection of the bands we like: Dream Theater, Rush, Nightwish, Evanescence, Epica, After Forever, Within Temptation, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Periphery, Saga, Marillion, Death, Amon Amarth…………

Philip (picture Torsten Reitz)

I’m always curious about the metal scene in other countries. So can you tell us something about the metal scene in Germany?

The metal scene in Germany is like a family. When I visit gigs of well-known bands I often see the same faces. But for smaller bands and especially for female-fronted bands it’s pretty hard to stand out from the mass of bands.

Sometimes I have the feeling that half of the metal-fans in Germany are in a metal-band themselves. Women in the German metal scene are still underestimated and just a peripheral matter.

Well lets talk about something else, your albums. Can you tell something about them?

Our first album ‘DüsterLust’is a re-release of our debut-album ‘Unveil The Beauty’ that we released under the old band-name. ‘DüsterLust’ contains 10 tracks and 3 bonus-tracks that are not on ‘Unveil The Beauty’. It’s a very diversified album, most of the songs are critical of society.

DuesterLust_Albumcover DusterLust       DuesterLust_Albumcover_At the End of Time

Our new EP ‘At The End Of Time’ again includes some surprises, for example the identically named acoustic ballad that we already released in February with a video on YouTube. The EP is an apocalyptic version, all songs deal with the end of the world as we know it.

Now you make me more curious. Can you tell something more about it?

Sure! With our new EP we present 4 new songs with an Intro and an Outro. All songs have to do with ‘The End Of Time’. The Intro ‘The Shatterer’ starts with a quote by J.R. Oppenheimer taken from the Bhagavad Gita after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We Want More’ describes the life of people during or shortly after the apocalypse. The song is inspired by the TV-series ‘The 100’ and it has the message that we deserve more in life than just to survive.

At The End of Time’ is the title-track, it describes the feelings of the last people on earth and although everything is already destroyed, war continues, till the world is gone. You can also see this in our video for this song on YouTube.

The lyrics of ‘Black or White’ are also inspired by ‘The 100’ but the message can be applied to all aspects of our lives. It is also a song against the black and white thinking because life is never that simple, there are so many grey shades in between. What is good or bad are subjective matters. We have to look over the edge of our plate.

DüsterLust (picture: Torsten Reitz)


‘Lords of Destruction’ is inspired by the words fight that Trump and Kim Jong-Un had last year, but the ‘Lords of destruction’ stand for every despot and idiot in our world.

Our Outro ‘Rebirth’ is a little light of hope that the world will recover after it’s destruction, with or without us….

Wow that’s a lot you have to tell us about it. Are you doing a tour to promote the EP?

We released our EP at the second ‘DüsterNight’ on October 20th in Erlenbach am Main. And these gigs we will also play to promote the EP:

09-02-2019 together with ‘Veil of Mist’ in Reims (France)

23-02-2019 tour-support for Bőser Wolf in Duisburg (Germany)

02-03-2019 Metal for Mercy Female Fronted Festival in Witten (Germany)

04-05-2019 Metal Elves @ Elver Club with ‘Dream Ocean’ + ‘Oknos’ in Frankfurt (Germany)

And you can always look at our Homepage or Facebook-Page for further information.



Now that we are talking about gigs, have you been on tour in the past? And if you go on tour are there bands you want to go on tour with?

As a smell band which is still at the beginning we haven’t had a tour yet. But of course we would love to tour with bigger bands like ‘Blind Guardian’ or ‘Within Temptation’.

How important are fans for you? And which country has the best fans?

Fans are very important because if we would do music just for ourselves it would only be half as much fun as we have now. We are very happy that there are people who support us by listening to our music and going to our concerts. And which country has the best……..I really can’t answer that question, we have a lot of loyal supporters in the whole world.

DuesterLust-Singer_LivePic by Torsten Reitz 2017
Regina (picture: Torsten Reitz)

What are the future plans?

Having many cool gigs in the next years and accomplish the concept album where we are already working on.

Regina thank you very much for this interview. Is there anything else you want to tell us or want to say to the readers of this interview?

That the people can support us by buying our new EP for only 7 euro (+3,5 euro for shipping in Germany and 5 euro for the rest of the world) or our debut-album for 13 euro.

You can order it by email to:

duesterlust@gmx.de or just write a message on Facebook

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