The year 2018

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The year 2018 comes to an end. And for me the right moment to look back and see what I’ve done. It’s the first whole year I’ve been writing about music. Writing on three different platforms:


On my website I wrote 100 articles and 5207 people have visited the website. The top 5 articles:

  1. Ana Patan (interview)
  2. Dreamfest (concert review)
  3. Days of Jupiter -Panoptical (album review)
  4. Heidi van Ballegooij (interview and concert review)
  5. Kreekrock (festival review)

The website has been seen in  56 countries. Top 5 countries:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Sweden
  3. Germany
  4. Belgium
  5. United States


I only have the figures started 1-7-2018. I have published  144 items. Those items have reached 16.917 people.

Best items:

  1. Days of Jupiter
  2. Ana Patan
  3. Secret Rule
  4. June Nova
  5. Leecher

Artiesten Nieuws

In 2018 I wrote 25 articles for this website.

8 interviews

3 album reviews

1 photo review of a concert

3 concert announcements

10 concert reviews

2 gedachten over “The year 2018

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  1. Impressive year as a writer, my friend !
    Keep up the good work in 2019 and I’ll try to keep up with you in reading, I already know you’ll be more productive than I can handle, haha !
    Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones !

    Big hug !

    Oooooome E


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