HEXED poppodium Duyker Hoofddorp

The Swedish metal band ‘HEXED’ is coming to our country. On march 15 they perform at Poppodium Duyker Hoofddorp. They come together with the bands ‘MANTICORA’ and ‘LOCH VOSTOK’.

HEXED (picture: Dennis Gunnarsson)

If you want to know something more about the music ‘HEXED’ play you have to hear what they say about their music

Our music is a genius blend of thick driving rhythms, melodic guitars and is sometimes a progressively orientated. But always with catchy chorus lines and strong powerful female vocals

tina      stellan

Tina and Stellan (picture: Dennis Gunnarsson)

The band released their album ‘Netherworld’ and it’s about something we all have to struggle with sometime. It tells us to never give up. How dark things may seem to be, there will always be good times to rise again.

teddy         daniel

Teddy and Daniel (picture: Dennis Gunnarsson)

‘HEXED’  is:

Tina Gunnarsson – vocals

Stellan Gunnarsson – lead guitar, keys and vocals

Daniel Hakansson – bass

Teddy Moller – guitar

Simon Aspsund – drums

Simon                                                   Simon (picture: Johannes Aspsund)

This is the only concert ‘HEXED’ gives in our country this tour. So if you want to see and hear them get your tickets now.

Tickets by ‘Ticketmaster’:

  • €16,50 (pre-sale by Ticketmaster)
  • €19,50 at the door
  • €14,50 with CJP


Poppodium Duyker

Raadhuisplein 5

2132 TZ Hoofddorp

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