On March 16 Patricia and Michel Grossard present:

Patricia’s Metal Night IV


On this very special day three awesome bands will go on stage to give the best they have. So if you are  a real metal fan, don’t hesitate and come to see ‘Everglow’, ‘Elusion’ and ‘Nightqueen’.

logo everglow

‘Everglow’ (female fronted power metal):

Cindy Baert – vocals

Alain de Block – guitars

Jens Thienpont – guitars

Dominic Heynderickx – bass

Danny Panken – keyboards

Jef Boons – drums



‘Elusion’ (symphonic metal):

Domingo Smets – guitars

Frederik van Mieghem – drums

Kristof de Greef – bass

Evy Verbruggen – vocals


logo nightqueen

‘Nightqueen’ (symphonic power metal):

Hellen Heart – vocals

Rex Zico – guitars

Cosi Matrigiani – guitars

Andy Hermans – drums

Paddy Lee – bass

Gio Zuccari – keyboards



So all the details for you:

Date and time: Saturday 16 th March  2019 –  07.00 pm  –  01.00 am


111 Noordlaan 3600 Genk (Belgium)

Tickets: Presale €12

ATD €15


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