Crossing Eternity, Alight, Elyose and Sirenia at T Beest (English version)

Sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’re not. But is it always like that? So, I read a few months ago that the bands ‘Crossing Eternity’, ‘Alight’, ‘Elyose’ and ‘Sirenia’ are coming to ‘De Cacaofabriek’ in Helmond. Great news because that’s only 20 minutes away from where I live. But the date (March 1) is just the first day of the Dutch carnival.



And yes, I was right, the show couldn’t take place in Helmond and is moved to Goes. For me it’s now a journey of 150 km, but no worries, the same four bands are going to perform there. And if you want to see them……. just go!

So, there we go on a nice Friday evening to the city of Goes. Much traffic because carnival is also a week holidays for the people in the south of the Netherlands, but also for our German friends. And if you don’t like carnival you go to the see. So, I’m not the only one whose going in that direction. And I’m not alone because my son’s girlfriend is living in Roosendaal so he asked me if I would drop him there. Sure, a father does everything his kids ask him to do. But I have to be honest, it’s nice when you don’t have to travel alone.

After a short break I arrive in the city of Goes. A city I know very well. When we were young, we spent almost every holiday in a little village called Oud-Sabbinge, just a few kilometers away from Goes. And I noticed that not much has changed, only the roads are much better now, but it’s still the nice and cozy city as I remembered it. So, finding a parking place is the next I have to do. There’s no space in front of ‘T Beest, the venue where the performance take place. But a few minutes later I found a nice place to park my car and off I go….to ‘T Beest’.

‘T Beest

We I arrived at the venue I’m not to first one there. There are already four other fans standing in front of the door. And two of them I already know. If you go to concerts you meet a lot of people and you see them again so now and then. So, the waiting is going well, talking about just one thing. Music!

At half past eight we go inside. And I have to say the venue is different then what I expected. On the outside it’s a very old building but inside it’s very modern. Lots of space for you coat and bags, a nice bar and a very nice venue with a big stage. And a very friendly staff. So, all the ingrediency for a nice evening of metal music.

Crossing Eternity

Like I told you before, four bands are on stage this evening. De first one is ‘Crossing Eternity’. And I must admit that I don’t know this band. So, I’m very curious. The bands describe its music as rock/metal, but I know that’s not always how it really is. It’s just a name and most of the bands I know make just the music they like, and what’s in a name. The only thing that matters is how it sounds and not how they call it.

cr2 (3)              cr2 (4)

And they sound very well. I know that it is always difficult to be the first band on stage. People are coming in and are churching for the right spot to see the bands so there is always some noise.  But don’t worry, they don’t care about the little noise and are doing very well.

cr2 (5)               cr2 (2)

‘Crossing Eternity’ is Johann Hentz (bass), Uffe Tillman (drums), Manu Savu (guitars), Judit Muresan (keyboards) and Gabi Nicolau (vocals). Most of the songs they do are from the album “The Rising World”. And it’s a pity there’s no more time for this band. They made a great impression on me and for now on I will follow them for sure. And I hope I will see them again soon.



The second band is from Italy and is called ‘Alight’. I have been listening to them on YouTube before I went to this concert. They call themselves a gothic/metal/dark rock band. And again, what’s in a name! For example, their latest single, “The Portal”. This song is from their latest album “Spiral of Silence”, starts dark but is has also a few commercial elements in it.

a4 (2)             a4 (3)

But it’s a fantastic song and it sounds on stage as good as on the album. The music is very well done and with front woman and singer Catia Borgogna they give as us a great show. The other bandmembers are Mirko Montesor (drums), Roberto Sieff (guitars) and Monica Perulli (bass).

a4 (1)

And meanwhile more people have arrived at ‘T Beest and that makes me happy. There is an audience for this band and that’s exactly what they deserve.

a4 (4)


This band I know a lot better than the first ones. I saw them already in Weert (Bosuil) and Utrecht (De Helling), so this will be the third opportunity to see and hear them. And I have to say when ‘Elyose’ is coming to Holland there is always talk. Different opinions and that’s alright with me. You like a band, or you don’t like them. Everyone has favorite bands and likes a different kind of music, and that’s what makes music beautiful. There is some for everyone.

e1 (1)               e1 (2)

But now I see them again I can tell if the performance is better or not then the last time I saw them. And that’s not easy to say. The band did very well, and they had a very energetic show on stage. It sounds great and I enjoy it again. The released their album “Reconnexion” some months ago but most of the songs this evening are from this album.

e1 (3)

‘Elyose’ is Justine Daae (vocals), Ghillain Henry (bass), Marc de Lajoncquire (guitars) and Pat Kzu (drums). The only thing I missed was the presence of Flo Lemmonnier. He was with the band in Utrecht and did the growling. But even without Flo the performance was okay.


Headliner this evening is the band from Norway, ‘Sirenia’. They have a lot of experience and showed it to us. The performance is of the highest quality and it is really a party to see and hear them play on stage.

s1 (1)

The right mix between new and some older songs is something the public appreciate, most of them are singing along with the band. And it’s great to see the audience enjoy the show. And I have to say it again, metal public is the best there is.

s1 (4)

Four bands on one evening is always a fight with the available time. The venue has the slow down the noise at twelve so there is not enough time for ‘Sirenia’ to do all the songs they have planned. And they lost a few minutes by starting the laptop again. And it’s not easy to find the right buttons in the dark (lol). But it doesn’t matter, the show goes.

s1 (3)

Best song of the evening, for me, is “Sister Nightfall”. It’s one of the older songs and with the beautiful voice of Emanuelle Zoldan it sounds wonderful. What a great voice she has. But also, the music is from another planet. You must hear this band on stage!

s1 (2)

But all nice things come to an end. A big applause is the reward for ‘Sirenia’, and they deserve it. And then there is another remarkable fact. Most of the time bands throw some souvenirs into the public. But ‘Sirenia’ gave them to the people who deserve it the most, I think. People who enjoyed it their own way. And I know it because one of them was standing next to me.

Going home

After a beautiful evening I must go home. Very satisfied about the music, the venue and the public. A bit less satisfied about the lights on stage but that’s not so important. I have beautiful pictures for my website, so that’s okay! Going back 150 km by car into the dark night. But it’s quiet on the roads now. Our holiday guests are in their houses I guess or already asleep. Back to the village where I live, and carnival has started. Carnival with music, lots of music, but not the kind of music I like. Music that make me vomit. But like I said before, not everyone loves the same music.

I’m getting ready for my next musical job. Not so far from home this time and some other kind of music also. Death metal from a band called ‘Sisters of Suffocation’. Different but nice, very nice.

Crossing Eternity, Alight, Elyose and Sirenia, thank you very much!

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