FemME Battles 2019 nr 1 – England

It’s almost spring so time again for the FemME Battles. The venues and the bands are known. So now it’s time to inform you about a lot of things.

And in the following articles I will tell you some more about the participating bands, Battle by Battle, so maybe it’s a bit easier for you to choose your winner.

This year we have four Battles. Each Battle has two winners. One chosen by jury and one chosen by the audience. So it’s important to come to the Battles and support your favorite band. The eight winners go to the finals. The finals have also two winners. Again one chosen by jury and one chosen by the audience. And those two winners go to the FemME Metal Event in October.

I’m curious which bands are going to be the  successors of Mir Zur Feier and Sounds of September, the winners of the FemME battles 2018.


The first preliminary: Battle UK

April 19, England, Birmingham, Scruffy Murphy (GBP 5)


 The bands

bands UK

Dark Sky park

This band is from Sheffield (England) and established in 2013. The kind of music they play is ‘altrock’. They released one EP so far, “Follow Me”.


Debbie Bilson – vocals

Ainsley Stones – guitars

Jai Geere – drums



This band is from Venice/Vicenza (Italy) and established in 2011. The kind of music they play is symphonic/power/melodic and gothic metal. They released two albums, “Desdaemona’ (2013) and “Starcrossed’ (2016).


Anna Holtz – vocals and piano

Mega  Die – bass

Matteo Frigo – drums

Mauro Tiozzo  – guitars


Fear me December

This band is from Manchester (England) and established in 2012. The kind of music they play is ‘heavy rock’. They released two EP’s, “Who cares” and “Crystallized’ (2018) and one album, “Between Violence and Silence”.


Victoria – vocals and bass

Valentin – lead guitars

Stuart – Rhythm guitars

Antony – drums


Pallas Athena

This band is also from Manchester (England) . The kind of music they play is ‘progressive/symphonic metal’. They released one EP this year, “The Awakening”.


Vicky Harley – vocals

James Horn – guitars

Alexander Jordan – bass


Secrets of Mariana

This band is from Birmingham (England) and established in 2012. The kind of music they play  is ‘heavy rock/alternative metal’. They released two EP’s, “Reach” and “No Escape” (2016).

The bandmembers are:

 Amy – vocals

Ash – guitars

Matt – guitars

Adam – bass

Nick – drums and backing vocals


The finals 

July 7, Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek, The Box 

The FemME Metal Event 

October 11, 12, 13, Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek. The Box 

Special thanks to Emily van Velzen



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