DYADIC (by Alchemy)

DYADIC is the second studio album from the Italian melodic hard rock band Alchemy. After two years of hard work in the studio the album will be released on March 29 (2019). The album is a remarkable step ahead in the band’s artistic career.

(picture: Flarecape) 

Let’s hear what frontman Marcello Spera has to say about the album:

 “We put everything we had into the songwriting, production, and recording processes to make this record sound huge, and I must say, the result is already astonishing. Working with top-notch melodic rock heroes, Pierpaolo Monti, Davide Barbieri, and Stefano Zeni really helped us deliver the best sound we could. At the moment, everything is in Roberto Priori’s hands, and it’s his turn to make the magic happen. After listening to some of the mix previews, we knew his contribution would raise the quality of our record even further, thanks to his experience and dedication. Be ready for a solid hard rock album with a deep melodic twist, big guitars, and catchy melodies!”

ALCHEMY - Dyadic - Cover art


Marcello Spera – vocals

Cristiano Stefana – guitars

Andrew Trabelsi – keyboards

Matteo Castelli – bass

Matteo Severini – drums & percussion


  1. Cursed
  2. One Step Away
  3. Endless Quest
  4. What It Takes (feat. Stefano Zeni)
  5. Nuketown
  6. Day By Day
  7. Hero
  8. Lost In The Dark
  9. Goodbye (duet with Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri)
  10. Take Another Shot
  11. Prisoner
  12. Goodbye (Acoustic Version feat. Steve De Biasi – Exclusive European Bonus Track)
(picture: Flarescape)


Produced by Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti

Mixed & Mastered by Roberto Priori

Publishing by Tanzan Ed. Musicali/SUISA (publishing.tanzanmusic.com/)

Artwork & Graphics by Aeglos Art

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