N.EX.U.S. ( by N.EX.U.S.)

N.EX.U.S is the first album of the Italian prog metal band N.EX.U.S. This debut album will be released on March 29 (2019). The band was formed in 2015 by Christian “Jeremy” Checchin and Fausto “Tex” Terassy, who shared their passion for music playing in various cover bands.

N.Ex.U.S. - 1
(picture: Annalisa Russo photography)

They decided to take their artistic career on a next level, and started to compile unreleased material they had written along the years. To complete the tracklist, new songs are also written and so they wanted to complete their first studio album. The duo then searched for musicians to complete the band and start recording this album.

After sending him some demos to Alessandro Del Vecchio accepted the task of recording, producing, mixing and mastering the album.

N.Ex.U.S. - N.Ex.U.S. - Cover Art

The first single of the album “The Mercenary” was released on February 7 (2019).

N.EX.U.S. is:

Tomasso “Tommy” Galeazzo – vocals

Christian “Jeremy” Checchin – guitars

Fausto “Tex” Tessari – keyboards

Danielle Gallan – bass

Fabio Tomba – drums

N.Ex.U.S. - 5
(picture: Annalisa Russo photography)


  1. Loading…
  2. …The System
  3. Empathy
  4. A Man Without A Soul
  5. Land Of Misery
  6. Reflections
  7. The Mercenary
  8. Another Shore
  9. John Doe
  10. Final Act: A New Humanity


Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio

Publishing by Tanzan Music Ed. Musicali s.r.l. (SUISA – Switzerland)

Graphics’ concept by Tommaso Galeazzo

Graphics’ development by Aeglos Art

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