The American/Belgium female fronted melodic metal band  ‘Hitherside’ is ready to release their second album “Blue Lotus”.  The band is based in Antwerp (Belgium). The band consists of vocalist and songwriter Jennifer (Summer) and songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Sam (Oerlemans).

Band Picture
(picture: Sam Oerlemans)

Jennifer and Sam began in late 2011 as a musical duo with ‘Hitherside’, as an internet band. They wrote, recorded and produced their own original melodic metal songs and videos. And the bands produced intense, emotional and high listenable music.

A self-titled 12 track debut album was self-released in 2015 and was well received locally and internationally. And now, the second album “Blue Lotus”, will be released on 28 march on Painted Bass records.



  1. Unsanctify Me
  2. Lovely Day to Kill
  3. My Prediction
  4. Blue Lotus
  5. Get it Back
  6. Insignificant other
  7. Honeydripper
  8. Knock ‘em Back
  9. Asked But Not Answered

Hitherside is:

Jennifer Summer – vocals

Sam Oerlemans – all instruments


Dick Verbeuren – drums on ‘Get it Back’

Live musicians:

Stefan Maas – drums

Steve Vanderperren – drums

Josh Berenblit – bass

Joeri Herregat – bass

Label: Painted Bass Records – Peter Lindenbergh


 See ‘Hitherside” live on stage:

29 march – De Reunie , Geleen (NL)

30 march – Peir Oan, Mol (BE)

20 april – Drama Café, Peer (BE)

11 may – Beardsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)

2 august – Live at Life Festival, Stevoort (BE)

29 september – Libertad, Leuven (BE)




Twitter: @hitherside

Instagram: @hithersidemusic

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