FemME Battles 2019 nr 4 – The Netherlands

It’s almost spring so time again for the FemME Battles. The venues and the bands are known. So now it’s time to inform you about a lot of things.

And in the following articles I will tell you some more about the participating bands, Battle by Battle, so maybe it’s a bit easier for you to choose your winner.

This year we have four Battles. Each Battle has two winners. One chosen by jury and one chosen by the audience. So it’s important to come to the Battles and support your favorite band. The eight winners go to the finals. The finals have also two winners. Again, one chosen by jury and one chosen by the audience. And those two winners go to the FemME Metal Event in October.

I’m curious which bands are going to be the successors of Mir Zur Feier and Sounds of September, the winners of the FemME battles 2018.


The fourth preliminary: Battle the Netherlands

May 25, the Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek, The Box (5 euro), doors: 18.30

The bands



This band is from Oude Tonge, the Netherlands and established in 2013. The play symphonic metal and released one album (Dream of Faith).

Band members:

Monique Terhoeve – vocals

Jeffrey Lankhaar – lead guitar/keyboards

Jeroen Terhoeve – rhythm/acoustic guitar

Thomas Knops – bass

Bram de Koning – keyboards

John Noordijk – drums

Pandora’s Key

This band is from Breda, the Netherlands and established in 2014. They play symphonic metal and released one EP (Prometheus’ Promise).

(song by the old composition of the band)

Band members:

Kelly Thans – vocals

Sebastiaan Pongers – lead guitar/backing vocals

Bram Luiken – rhythm guitar

Regine Lotstra – bass

Rowan Schuddeboom – electric violin

Dimmy Marcelissen – drums


This band is from Palma de Mallorca, Spain and established in 2002. They play industrial gothic rock and released three albums (Engel der Nacht, Neophobia?, Trinitite).

Band members:

Lady Marian – vocals

Tony Kernel – guitars/samples

Silvia Panic – bass

Nak Prime – drums

Toxic Army

This band is also from Palma de Mallorca, Spain and established in 2006. They play industrial – tinged metal.

Band members:

Laura Diablo – vocals

Eva Impaler – guitars

Silvia Panic – bass

Carlos Ruso – drums

Under False Names

This band is from Landgraaf, the Netherlands and established in 2016. The play hardcore/punk/metalcore/crossover.

Bad members:

Dawn Dumez – vocals

Luc Maar – guitar

Christian Müller – guitar

Björn Lebon – bass

Jasper Huiting – drums

The finals 

July 7, Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek, The Box

The FemME Metal Event 

October 11, 12, 13, Netherlands, Hilvarenbeek. The Box

Special thanks to Emily van Velzen

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