Sometimes my job is not as easy as it looks. Listening to music and writing about it. So, it took me almost five times to listen to the third full length album “Fall. Rise. Conquer”. , of the Swedish band ‘Zephyra’. And after these five times I really don’t know what’s more difficult, climbing Mouth Everest or write a review of this album. Is that strange? Not if you listen to the album.

A different sound

Like I told you “Fall. Rise. Conquer.” is the third full length album. The album is a bit different then what I expected. I know the band for some time now and the definition ‘melodic death metal’ is exactly how they sounded for so far. But on this album, there is much more variety. And that makes it a wonderful album. Not one of the ten tracks sounds the same. And that’s remarkable and I know not so much albums which have the same so many different tracks.

cover art Make Nort

Fabulous music

The music is fabulous. I already told you that I’m a huge fan of bands with three guitars. ‘Zephyra’ has only two, Tony Netterbrant on guitars and Al Rinald on base. But the two are so in harmony that it sounds like a whole orchestra with lots of guitars. And together with the drums played by Kujtim Gashi it sounds marvelous. Lot’s of heavy riffs but also some easier and quieter parts make most of the tracks very listenable. You never know what’s coming next.

Clear voices and growling

And there is Åsa (Netterbrant). De frontwoman of the band shows on the album what she is capable of. Clear vocals and growling in the same track. Even in the same sentence. I can imagine how difficult this is but it sounds marvelous. And I must say I like her clear vocals very much. But I have to be honest, growling is a part of ‘Zephyra’. It gives some of the tracks the power they need.

Hello and welcome to my show

These are the first lyrics on the album, “Hello and welcome to my show, I am your host tonight”. And that’s exactly how it is. Åsa is your host on this album and she shows you your way through the ten tracks. Tracks which are all different like I told you before.

And maybe you already know a few of them, the band released already three songs on video. The opening track “Dreams Denied” is one of them. A well-chosen track to open the album. Not only by the lyrics they use, but this song is ‘Zephyra’. If you listen to this song and you like it, stay tuned.

Swedish lyrics

The band also has two tracks on the album with Swedish lyrics. It’s not so common but it sounds great. I don’t understand much of the lyrics but okay, that’s no problem at all. Only the title of the track “Fånge I Frihet” is understandable (Gevangen in vrijheid in Dutch). The other one, “Svart Smärta” is really Chinese to me.

picture: presskit Zephyra


Lot’s of bands do covers of bands they like. ‘Zephyra’ recorded one cover on this album. And I must say it’s a heavy one. A cover of a ‘Metallica’ song is not easy, the band is world-famous and a lot of bands already covered songs of ‘Metallica’. And I was surprised they chose “Nothing else Matters”. It’s a great song and a real ‘Metallica’ ballad. When someone had asked me “which Metallica song has Zephyra covered?” I say “Enter Sandman”. Because that song is more “Zephyra style”. But they did it very well. It’s a complete other song with the voice of Åsa. And I’m not a great ‘Metallica’ fan but this version is awesome.


I can tell you something about every song but it’s better to listen for yourself. But there are two songs I will give some attention. The first one is “A letter for you”. This song made the most impression on me of the whole album. What a song this is. Both music and lyrics give me goosebumps. A real ‘Zephyra’ ballad. I’m again listening to it right now and I don’t know how to express myself but this song does really something with me.

The second one is the last track of the album “Man chooses, Slaves Obey”. A nice track which reminds me of  ‘Zephyra’ just the way I know them before this album. Heavy with a lot of growling. But it’s again well chosen to put this track on “number 10” at the album. The story is told.

At the end

I only can say that I’m happily surprised with this album. It’s sounds great in both music and voices. Ten different tracks that makes this album very listenable. You ask yourself every time what’s next. The songs with growling and clear voices are very nice to listen to, the lyrics are alright (and if you understand Swedish you can understand al the tracks). They spent a lot a time I think to record the songs. Everything sounds just okay.

My rating: 90/100


 Release date: April 17, 2019.

Available on all digital platforms.


1.Dreams Denied

2.Fånge i Frihet

3.Waiting For Nothing

4.Nothing Else Matters

5.Paper Crown

6.After The Meltdown

7.Svart Smärta

8.A Letter For You

9.My Pain

10.Man Chooses, Slaves Obey

Recorded & produced by: Mikael Andersson, SOUNDPORT

Mixed & mastered by: Christian Donaldson

Cover art: Make Nort

Official website:  http://www.zephyra.se

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/43r2pvVekLhhAXoTcq19F2?                              si=h_peshlzTb6UxqOV8f-vqA

Social medias:




Merch store:  http://zephyramerch.qbutik.se/

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