One For All (In Silence)

The Swedish band ‘In Silence’ released today (April 26) their EP ‘One For All’.

‘In Silence’ is a so called “female fronted band” from Karlstad (Sweden). The band was formed in 2016 and is known as a fresh, innovative band with melodic elements, powerful and heavy songs, as well as softer touches, resulting in a mysterious mix (info: Bio).

In Silence Band Photo
(picture: promo kit “In Silence’)

‘In Silence’ is:

Erika (Rejka) Jonsson – vocals

Mikael Larsson – bass

Sebastian Elmlund – lead guitars

Rasmus Engstrand – drums

Daniel Delin – guitars

If you want to read more about ‘In Silence’ go to the interview I had with the band some time ago:

In Silence EP Cover Art

“One For All”

This EP contains three new songs. And I must say it’s a very nice surprise. And maybe even more. It’ s the best album I heard so far this year. Sitting behind my laptop, sun in my face, and listening to the three songs gives me a happy and warm feeling. And just now, I can use it.

The three songs “Fallen”, “Final Solution” and “One for all” have that typical power metal rhythm are all three of great quality and are completely different than the album cover looks like. The cover is in black and white and looks a bit mysterious, but the music is not mysterious to me. It’s colorful, bright and happy.

And if you ask me, “do you have a favorite track?”, I have to say that’s very difficult to say. They are all three very listenable and have the same power. But if I really have to choose,  I would say “One For All”. But if you ask me tomorrow I will probably another one. And what’s wrong when I say “all three of them”.

But the best way to find out is just listen for yourself!

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