Arion and Battle Beast Gebr de Nobel

On Wednesday the 1th of May the Finnish bands ‘Arion’ and ‘Battle Beast’ are performing in Leiden (Gebr de Nobel). The opportunity to see these bands on stage. One of them, ‘Battle Beast’, I saw one’s before (Graspop 2017) but ‘Arion’ is “new”.

The two bands are on tour with each other for three weeks now I believe, the tour is called “Hollywood Endings”, the name of the new ‘Battle Beast’ album.

Hollywood Endings

“Hollywood Endings” is the fifth full length album of the band. The reviews I read about this album made me curious. Some people say it’s the best they made so far, but others have a different opinion. The “Battle Beast sound” was not present anymore in all the tracks and some of the tracks are to much pop instead of metal. So, let’s hear how it sounds on stage.


But first there we have ‘Arion’, a symphonic power band from Helsinki. The band was established in 2011 and released two full length albums so far (“Last of Us” and “Life is not beautiful”). For me this band is new but I have listened to them on YouTube and I have to say, “I like them”. But that’s on video and there is always a difference between video and stage.

a3  a1

The band is doing great on stage. The powerful songs played by Gege Velinov (bass), Topias Kupianen (drums), Iivo Kaipainen (guitars) and Arttu Vauhkonen (keyboards) are a perfect support for a band as ‘Battle Beast’. But there is a difference between the voice of Arion singer Lassi Vääränen and Noora Louhimo of course. But the voice of Lassi is perfect for a band as ‘Arion’

a9    a10

After the last song the audience gave them a well-deserved applause, they did very well. But I was a little bit disappointed. Because I hoped they had a great surprise for us. The song “At the Break of Dawn” is recorded with Elize Ryd (‘Amaranthe’), but unfortunately, she isn’t here this evening.


Battle Beast

After a 30 minutes break is time for ‘Battle Beast’. After a short intro the bands starts with the song Unbroken” which is also the first track of the new album. The start is with lots of smoke. Something that will continue during the whole show. But it’s something that fits very well, there is so much power on stage and you can see that in every move Noora makes. Every move with her arms, legs, hands is full of power, just like her voice.

b1    b4

After the first song the show continues with two songs of the album “Bringer of Pain”, “Familiar Hell” and “Straight to the heart”. And so the whole show is a mix of songs from the last two albums. Only “Out of control” Is from the album “Battle Beast”.



Nice intermezzo in the heavy performance are the songs “Endless Summer” and “I wish”. And this are the two songs from which people say they are not ‘Battle Beast’. I don’t agree with them; you can’t make five full length albums with only the same kind of songs, I think. And just those two songs shows us that Noora has also a very nice total clear voice.


You can see that the band has a lot of stage experience. The musicians Eero Sipilä (bass), Janne Björkroth (keyboards), Pyry Vikki (drums), Juuso Soinio (guitars) and Joona Björkroth (guitars) know exactly what to do and how to “play” with the audience. Most of the time it’s Eero who does the talking. And it’s funny to hear him speak English with his Finnish accent.


Wonderful ending

The best part of the show is definitely the end. Of course, the audience is waiting for the most popular songs of the new album. And so, there is “Eden”, I think the best song of the new album. And after a short break there is the encore, with songs as “No More Hollywood Endings”, “King for a Day” and “Beyond the Burning Skies”. A great end for a show with the name “No more Hollywood Endings.


Setlist Battle Beast


Familiar hell

Straight to the heart

Unfairy Tales

Black Ninja

Endless Summer

I wish

Raise your Fists

The Golden Horne

Out of Control

Bastard Son of Eden

The Hero



No more Hollywood Endings

King for a Day

Beyond the Burning Skies

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