New releases week 18

I will present you the new releases I received this week. I will tell short something about the release and the band. So please see for yourself what you like.

Wheels of Fire – Begin Again

“Begin Again” is the new official studio album by the italian melodic hardrock band ‘Wheels of Fire’. The album will released on June 7 and it has 12 new tracks on it.

cover begin again

Wheels of Fire:  Davide Barbieri – vocals, Stefano Zeni – guitars, Federico De Biase – bass, Fabrizio Uccellini – drums


Gentle Savage – Karelian Magic

“Karelian Magic” is the new single and video of the Finnish rockbandGentle Savage”. 


Gentle Savage; Tornado Bearstone – vocals, Jay B – drums, Sami Virtanen – guitars, L.A. Arthur – keyboards, Jarkko A. Ahonen – bass.


Midnight Bullit – Into the Fire

L” is the third studio album from the Finnish heavy metal band ‘Midnight Bullit’. The album is released May 3th.


Midnight Bullit:  Tuomas Lahti – vocals, guitars, Mikko Nokelainen – Drums, Lauri Ikonen – Lead guitars, Mirko Miettinen – Bass


X-Plicit – Like a Snake

Like a Snake” is the second single of the Italian rockband ‘X-Plicit’. The single is from the debut album which will be released May 24.

x plicit.jpg

X-Plicit: Simone Zuccarine – vocals, Andrea Lanze – guitars, Sa Talarico – bass, Giorgio Annoni – drums.

Red Eleven – Starry Eyes

Finnish heavy alternative rockers Red Eleven’ have released a second single “Starry Eyes” from their upcoming fourth album. Released may 3rd.


Red Eleven: Tony Kaikkonen – vocals, Teemu Liekkala – guitars / backing vocals,  Tero Luukkonen – guitars,  Samuli Saari – drums, Petteri Vaalimaa – bass


Death’s-head and the space allusion – The Counterbase

The band has released two singles and an EP and now releases the debut album “The Counterbalance”, may 3rd.


Death’s-head and the space allusion: Valtteri Virolainen – vocals,  Antza Talala – guitars,  Hemma Timonen – guitars,  Juho Rikberg – bass,  Jussi Ontero – drums

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