Ancient Bards headliner FemME 2019

This year the Italien band Ancient Bards’  will be the headliner for the “FemME Metal Event 2019″And the singer of the band, Sara Squadrani, will be the face of the event.

poster FemME

Maybe you’ve seen the announcement already (on the poster) but is the band new for you. So Let’s see if I can tell something more about them. And I will show you two songs songs. Both complete different.


The band ‘Ancient Bards’ is from Rimini (Italy) and is formed in 2006. The music can be described as Symphonic Epic Power Metal.


‘Ancient Bards’:

Sara Squadrani – vocals

Danielle Mazza – keyboards

Claudio Pietronik – guitars

Martino Garattoni – bass

Federico Gatti – drums


“The Alliance of Kings” (2010)

album kings

Soulless Child” (2011)

album soulless

“A New Dawn Ending” ( 2014)

album a new dawn

“Origine” (2019)

album origine


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