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In the room

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and I saw a lot of different venues. But sometimes there is something new to discover. And one of these days is Thursday may 16. JBM Events and In The Room Studio are organizing a so called “In The Room” concert with the Hungarian band ‘Ann My Guard’. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to explain but it’s a concert we call “huiskamerconcert”.

Only a few people are allowed to go, so I sent an email to Joey (the organizer and General manager of JBM events). And yes, I can go.

room 2
(picture: Anrico van der Linden)

On tour

The bands ‘An My Guard’ and ‘Maiden United’ are on tour in Europe. They have been to a lot of countries. And in between a few concerts there was space to organize this gig. Joey is giving us a warm welcome and tells about the tour and the idea to organize this event. Tomorrow they are going to Dordrecht and Sunday they will in ‘The Pul’ (Uden). So, if you want to see and hear them, go to Uden.

Two sets

The band will play two (acoustic) sets. I already heard them before (acoustic and heavy) during FemME 2018. But it’s great to hear them again. And I’m not the only one. About 20 other people are also “in the room” to enjoy the music of this amazing band.

It’s a bit strange, band and audience together in a small studio. It’s warm but no one cares. Let’s start and after a few words by Ana (the front lady and bass player of the band) part one is going to begin. With two acoustic guitars and drums it sounds wonderful. Ana has a story for every song. And most of the songs are about fairy tales and legends. With songs as “Echo”, “Callisto”and “Obsidian Tears” we learn a lot about Hungary. And with the song “The Day I Die” tells Anna us something about the day we all know it will come but no one knows how or when.

room 3
(picture: Anrico van der Linden)

A little break

Between the two sets there is a little break. So, we can get something to drink and talk about the first set. Because it’s the first time I’m in this building Joey shows us around and tells a lot about the studio and how the room is built. It most interesting and I’m very grateful that he takes time for us to show us around.

Kaatsheuvel and frikandel special.

Joey tells us about all the nice food they had during the tour. But in Holland he served the band “patatje oorlog” and frikandel speciaal. And Anna takes the opportunity to show us that she can pronounce it and even the name of the village we are now, Kaatsheuvel. It’s always nice to hear foreigners speak Dutch.

Enjoying the music

The only thing I can say is that I’m enjoying the music. With the vocals of Anna and the two acoustic guitars, played by Krisztian and Benjamin, and Norbert on drums, it’s one of the best acoustic sessions I’ve ever heard. And yes, this band most of the time plays a lot louder, but acoustic they are awesome as well.

room 4
(picture: Anrico van der Linden)

At the end of the show they are even willing to play an extra song so the photographers can take some pictures. And we can even tell which song that will be. Not a very difficult question, “Echo”.

Thanks again

After the show there is time to talk, with each other but also with the band. Even a few minutes after their gig they are together with the audience. And what a nice people they are. I’m glad I see them again this Sunday.

But this evening was (and I use Anna’s words) “awesome and hot”.

So, thank you very much Joey Bruers for this wonderful event. Thank you ‘In the Room ‘and ‘JBM Events’. Thank you, Anrico, for the amazing pictures. And, of course, thank you ‘Ann My Guard’.

More info Ann My Guard:

room 1
(picture: Anrico van der Linden)

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