In Silence The Worst Liar

The Swedish band ‘In Silence‘ released today (may 24th) their newest single, called “The Worst Liar“.

In Silence logo

In Silence‘ is a female fronted modern melodic metal band from Karlstad, Sweden. Since forming in 2016, the band has climbed the Swedish metal scene with the reputation of being a fresh, innovative band with melodic elements, powerful and heavy songs, as well as softer touches, resulting in a mysterious mix.


In Silence‘ performed numerous national and international shows in 2018, including ”Raise Your Fist For Metal Festival”.

‘In Silence’ is:

Erika (Rejka) Jonsson – vocals

Mikael Larsson – bass

Sebastian Elmlund – lead guitars

Rasmus Engstrand – drums

Daniel Delin – guitars

(picture: presskit Kingart Music)

2019: ‘In Silence‘ are officially booked to perform at the biggest rock/metal festival in Sweden, “Sweden Rock Festival”. New music has been released, including the EP “One For All” and the new single “The Worst Liar”, released May 24th!

If you want to read more about ‘In Silence’ go to the interview I had with the band some time ago:

Review of the EP you can find here:

Social media:




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