Walking Rumor Do or Die

Do or Die” is the latest single ( released Juni 1 )of the Danish  band ‘Walking Rumor’. For me the opportunity to ask the band members some questions and to find out something more about the band and metal music in Denmark. I know a lot about Denmark but not about the music in that wonderful country.

So thank you ‘Walking Rumor’ for answering the questions and Kingart Music for giving me this opportunity!


The band is called ‘WALKING RUMOR’. Can you tell something about that name? Who came up with it and does it have a special meaning?

(Anders): The name was an idea out of many. When we first got together we brainstomed a lot of idea for the name but with the intention of letting the music define the name, instead of the other way around. In that way we wouldn’t be tied to one particular kind of genre.

The band was originally formed by Kenio and Andreas who played together in a previous band. When the word got out about them starting up another project after their previous one crashed, the rumor kind of started around our circles. If that rumor was good or bad, we didn’t know but we wanted to make sure we were a phenomenon to keep talking about. So because of the chit chat around our circles, it sparked the inspiration for the name.

do or die

Can you tell something about the history of the band?

(Jacob): We have been through a lot already up until now. We have played together since 2015 and we’ve done a lot of things we might not have been totally ready for, but then again, when will you be ready?

I think it was our 5’th show, that we were elected to represent Denmark at the ‘Global Battle of the Bands’ in Berlin, which was a huge honor and very surreal. We have gained a lot of positive media attention in Denmark and we’ve been signed to a record label named Mighty Music. Under their wing we went on our first European tour with ‘ILL NIÑO’, which really gained us a lot of experience and clearance to that we were doing something meaningful.

Since we started the recordings of our coming album “Symbiosis” we became an independent band and signed a promotion deal with Kingart Music in Sweden, so instead of relying on a label, we do everything ourselves with help from the amazing people at Kingart Music.

Please introduce the band members. Who are they, instruments, musical backgrounds etc.

(Andreas): The band consist of Jacob Nielsen on the bass, me, Andreas Løvenhorst, on guitar, Kenio Gustavsson on vocals, guitar and keys and Anders Mørch on vocals. Drums are still on a stand in level at this time.

Our musical background is very different and we all come from different places, interest in genre and skillset. Many might find that as a terrifying factor but we have embraced it and kind of mixed all of those interests, skills and backgrounds together to create the sound that is Walking Rumor.

How would you describe the kind of music you’re playing?

(Kenio): We like to create music that is really honest, but at the same time we don’t spell everything out for you. We like to create something that you as a listener can relate to in your own way.

Of course we all have put different inspirations from our everyday life into these songs, but that’s what makes them so honest. It’s very important that we capture our audience with the message that they aren’t alone with whatever they’re struggling with. The genre for this coming album may be defined as energetic nu-metal, but we’ll see what the listeners have to say once it starts dropping.

Are there band members playing in other bands also?

(Anders): Some of us have a few projects on the side, but we aren’t working in other bands. Walking Rumor will always be our primary project.

Which are your favorite bands?

(Jacob): There is a lot to choose from! We have a big crush on bands like ‘Linkin Park’, ‘Limp Bizkit’, ‘Papa Roach’, ‘Thousand Foot Krutch’ and ‘Bring me the Horizon’. There are a lot of amazing artists out there and we would love to work with all of them. A favorite band would be too hard for us to pick.

Can we hear the influence of other bands in your music?

(Kenio): The influence may be very obvious to a lot of people. Some may even say we take the influence and do our own unique spin on it. We recently had a chat with the “Linkin Park community”that did an interview on us, which was truly an honor for us. Being embraced by the fanbase of a band who really inspired us to do what we do, that’s insanely cool.

You are from Denmark, is it easy to play there?

(Andreas): Both yes and no. Denmark is finally reconnecting with the heavy metal genre and more venues, festivals and listeners are open to the genre, but with that said; there is a lot of bands who’s up for grabs. What I mean by that is that there is a lot of awesome bands, but not enough room for all of us to get picked by a potential booker. The audience for our genre still feels a little small, but it’s out there and we can’t wait to find them all.

What can you tell about the metal scene in Denmark?

(Andreas): Like I mentioned earlier, Denmark is starting to reconnect with the heavy metal genre, so there is a lot of potential gigs for outside bands as well. We have a festival that is mainly for the rock and metal genre called ‘Copenhell’, which is a huge step in the right direction for the metal.

What are your goals in music?

(Kenio): Everyone has that little kid inside that wants what their idols have, so we would be lying if we said we were different. However, we take it one step at a time and see where our success takes us.

Instead of striving for it, we are trying to reach it half way by remembering that music is something that we love doing, and not something that we are forced to do. We love being connected with our fans, hearing their stories and sharing ours with them. They are the true goal that we are working for.

 What was your most remarkable gig so far?

(Anders): I think that varies depending on which one of us you ask. Personally for me it was some of the shows that we played in Germany. When we represented Denmark in Berlin and the tour we did with ‘ILL NIÑO’. It’s cool to see how different their culture is regarding new bands and giving someone like us a chance to impress them with something new. There we were, in a totally different country at a venue that never heard of us before, and yet we played for about 150 people…. That one still sticks with me.

tears          dedicate

What can you tell us about the Danish audience.

(Jacob): The Danish audience is very loyal to their genre of interest and will always support their favorite artists. They may be a little shy at the first show, creating what we call the ‘half-moon’ in front of the stage, instead of walking straight up to the edge of the stage to rock out in front of a band they’ve never heard of before. The crowd loves to be included and impressed, but once you got them, you’ll have them forever.

You’re releasing a new single the first of June. What can you tell about it?

(Andreas): The single is named ‘Do or Die’ and will be the first song off the album ‘Symbiosis’. What we intend to do is; instead of releasing the entire album at once and letting it be popular for about 2 weeks, we will release one song every month until the full album is out. In that way we’ll be giving the audience something to look forward to constantly. It kind of relates to what a “YouTuber” is doing.

Will there be a new album soon?

(Kenio): By releasing this album the way we plan it, gives us time to be working on a potential next album without disappearing for about 8 months, but it’s too soon to say when there will be a new album.

Did you make other records so far?

(Jacob): Back in 2016 we released our EP ‘The War Within’ followed up by 2 seperate singles called ‘Dedicate to This’ and ‘Tears me Apart’. This album will be the first music to come out of the band in a while.

war within

Who is responsible for the music and lyrics?

(Anders): Mainly Andreas and I, Anders, are behind the wheel during the musical process. But none of the songs can come together without everyone being involved. Kenio is really good at seeing the potential in musical parts and tends to come up with ideas we haven’t thought of. Jacob is the strict musician who makes sure that we don’t fly out of the agreed scale, so without the other the music would get stuck. Kenio is primarily the one writing the lyrics, but he is always interested in inputs and wants the whole team to be able to stand behind what has been written. So sometimes he makes us give them a hard look and make sure that they are relatable and everything is perfect.

 Is there (always) a message in your songs?

(Kenio): Every song is a different story, and the story varies depending on who is listening. Like we mentioned earlier; Our songs are always very honest and we want you to feel that.

Where can we find the band in 3 years from now?

(Kenio): Making a growth plan for a band seems like a hard thing to do, because who knows if the audience is going to love the album? In 3 years we will still be playing music, staying as connected as possible with our fans and taking success one step at a time, if any comes our way.

Social media:

Official website: www.walkingrumor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/walkingrumor

Instagram: www.instagram.com/walkingrumor

Twitter: www.twitter.com/walkingrumor

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4SReRO2yeGmiwygeogDcFJ

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