This year there are FemME Battles again with preliminaries in the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. And I will introduce you to the bands which go to the Finals. I will do so by asking all of the bands the same questions. So, you have the same information about all the bands which are in the Finals.

The next one is ‘Xordia’, winner by jury of the “German Battle”.

logo Yvan Jost
(credits: Yvan Jost)

Thank you very much ‘Xordia’ for answering the questions.

First of all, can you tell us something about the name of your band, ‘Xordia’? What does it mean and which one of you came up with this name?

Xordia’ is inspired by the Latin word “exordium”. It stands for beginning, prelude. We don’t really remember who came up with the name. It was kind of a group effort, I think.

What can you tell us about the history of the band?

Some of ‘Xordia’s’ actual members (Andi, Pit and Dom) started with ‘Xordia’ as a Symphonic Metal-Project in 2011.

In 2013 things got rearranged, after Alyn joined the band and the band’s musical style gradually shifted to what it is (or is becoming) now…

foto 1
(picture: Yvan Jost)

Please introduce yourself to us. Who are you, which instrument(s) do you play and about your musical background?

Alyn learned to play the classical guitar at the age of 10 and played for more than 12 years, but singing became more and more important. Soon singing lessons were added and she became the lead singer of a rock band, then a melodic/symphonic metal band.

Andi is the one who started the band. Already when he was very young he was so enthusiastic about his drums that he built a trailer for his moped to take it with him.

 Pit started very early with keyboard lessons and expanded her improvisation talents. She is the mastermind behind most of ‘Xordia’s’ melodies.

 Dom has not only a passion for music, but also for photography.

 Joel is the last one who joined the band and brought a wide range of musical experience with him…


Which one of you is “responsible” for the songs (lyrics and music)?

We love to write our songs together, which means, that one of you starts with just a hook, a riff or a pattern. Since we write all the songs in midi-notes first, there is a lot of work done completely behind the screen.

Everybody in the band ads his or her part. For example all our lyrics are written by vocalist Alyn, Pit is in charge of the electronic tunes and Andi is the mastermind behind all the rhythmic patterns.

 Did you release any records already and can you tell something about them?

We released an EP named “DYSOTOPE” in 2017 and in 2019 the single “PAINT THE WALLS”. Currently we are working on a brand new album.


Are you full time musicians or do you have other jobs also?

We all have other jobs. But the music is a huge part of our life’s.

Can you describe your music? How would you call it?

We describe it as Alternative Metal since we were not able to find a more specific term.  But we are open to suggestions…

Are you influenced by other bands? And if the answer is yes, which one(s)?

We are all influenced by a lot of different styles and musicians. We love to stay open.

(collage: Emily van Velzen)

What was your most cool gig so far?

Every show we played was special to us. We cannot compare. It doesn’t matter if the venues are small or big (we played a lot of different stages).  If we can tell people love what we do, we feel we accomplished something.

Is there a band you want to go on tour with?

There’s is no band in particular we would prefer. Whatever band wants to tour with us: Just give as a call!

What do you think of FemME?

It’s such a great concept. We already felt FemME brought together so many different styles and amazing people in the preliminaries. We love the fact, that women get empowered to rock the stage.

Are you looking forward to come to The Netherlands?

Oh yes! We are so exited being a part of FemME and to be able to come to the Netherlands. It‘s such a great opportunity to meet people and show our music to a whole new audience. Thank you so much!

foto 2
(picture: Yvan Jost)

Is there anything else you will tell us?

I don‘t think so. Don‘t hesitate, if there are more questions we could answer…


Social media links:

Website: https://www.xordiaofficial.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xordiaofficial/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5WxrgQ529_vzo3-41SmFQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xordiaofficial/

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