Luna Kills


What’s in a name?

A new name? Yes! Luna Kills. The band was formerly known as Tocornal (and it may take some time before they can use the new name on Facebook).

Luna Kills is a new upcoming alternative rock-band from Finland.

(picture: Elisa Tuovinen)

With hard work and persistence, the band has paved a way for themselves. The band has a great number of gigs behind them, varying from pub-gigs to big festival stages, from Finland to abroad.

Luna Kills was originally formed in late 2015, under the name of Tocornal, with Lotta Ruutiainen (vocals), Samuli Paasineva (guitar). The band has had a few line-up changes over the years but finally set its shape, with Lassi Peltonen on bass and Maiju Mäki on drums.

The sound of Luna Kills is modern & bluesy rock with an attitude. The band is also known for their captivating live show and room-filling stage charisma.

Luna Kills released their debut album “Before the Satellites” November 2018 along with two music videos for “Violent Waters” and “Life Goals“.


Links to Luna Kills social medias

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